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    SVN (Subversive) missing from Eclipse 3.4.2 (Ganymede) – Installation instructions

    Today I was confronted with a problem. I use Eclipse IDE for writing code. I wanted to create a Project using SVN (Subversive).

    I navigated as File -> New -> Other… I was surprised to see SVN was missing. In the past i saw SVN in the same Wizard window.
    SVN (Subversive) missing from Eclipse 3.4.2 (Ganymede) - Installation instructions

    How to Install SVN (Subversion) in Eclipse 3.4.2 (Ganymede)

    1. Open Eclipse. Navigate to Help -> Software Updates…
    2. Go to Available Software tab and then go to Ganymede > Collaboration Tools
    3. You should find Subversive SVN Team Provider. If you don’t find then
      Click on Add Site… and copy this URL http://download.eclipse.org/technology/subversive/0.7/update-site/ and click OK
    4. It will now Install SVN Team Provider. Just Follow the instructions and restart Eclipse.
    5. Now follow Step 1 and Go to Available Softare tab
    6. Click on Add Site… and copy this URL http://www.polarion.org/projects/subversive/download/eclipse/2.0/update-site/ and click OK
    7. It will now Install Subversive SVN Connectors. After installation is completed restart Eclipse
    8. Now select the SVN connector by navigating to Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN
    9. Now you should be able to create a project using SVN.

    Hope you were able to add / install SVN (Subversion in Eclipse).

    If you don’t succeed in installing SVN in Eclipse in the above procedure, then Check SubEclipse Tigris website. Here you will find the Installations instructions.

    Any suggestions or ideas, do leave a comment.

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