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    Stop self pinging to your own WordPress blog – Install No Self Ping WordPress plugin

    Yesterday I read two posts about Stop Self Ping to your own WordPress Blog.

    I am still not sure whether self ping is good or bad according to SEO. I would like the readers of the blog to give their own perspective on this.

    Before going further, let me tell those readers who do not know Self Ping:

    What is self pinging to your own WordPress blog?

    Stop Self Pinging to your own WordPress Blog
    Most of the blog owners know that if some bloggers links your post, you will receive a Traceback comment. you check the post and see whether to approve the comment or not. This is also a ‘Ping’, but the ping had come from external Blog.

    You must have definitely interlinked one of your posts where you mention your previous post in the current post and talk about it. When you do this and publish the post, you will again see a Traceback comment generated. Since, this is linking was to your one of your own blogs posts. This is self ping.

    From last 2 years, I have always approved the self ping traceback comments.

    Is Self Ping good or bad in SEO point of view?

    I would request the readers of this post to give your perspective on this. From what i have read in a few posts on other blogs, I have seen that Self Ping to your own blog is not good.

    If it is true, then you need to install No Self Ping WordPress plugin.

    I came to know about this plugin when i read this post – No Self Ping WordPress Plugin to stop pinging your own blog post

    Download No Self Ping Wordpres plugin

    Over to you. What do you think about it?

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    1. Hey Nihar
      Blogging is always a learning process and great you reading and implementing things. I’m glad you given a link back to my post , I appreciate it. 🙂

    2. Thank you to come with this question. I, my self, also have this kind of question and not yet get the killer answer about it. I hope any pro blogger will answer it. *waiting*
      .-= Dana@Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Register Blog in Technorati Service =-.

    3. Ajith says:

      I do not think that self ping is that bad. Also, self track backs generated sometimes helps to interlink posts in the right context. Thanks for the plugin anyways..

    4. earningstep says:

      yeah.. i heard this before and have use this plugin..

    5. GrowMap says:

      Few bloggers link internally as much as I do and I do approve the self-pings because as Ajith mentioned it makes it easier to tell which posts are related to each other.

      I haven’t read any complaints anywhere; however, I also have not specifically researched that question.
      .-= GrowMap´s last blog ..Affiliate Tips Tuesday: Three Ethical Affiliate Marketing Experts I Trust =-.

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