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    Chinese Aggression: Incursions on Indian Border

    Mac Mohan Line

    Mac Mohan Line

    Chinese Border Region Claims

    Chinese Border Region Claims

    The above are some of the newspapers headlines related to tension building between INDIA and CHINA. These are a result of rise in

    (a) Chinese claims of Indian Border Regions

    (b) Incursions of Chinese soldiers on Indian border

    Some believe that the incursions are a result of Border issues both the countries have not been able to solve since more than 40 years resulting in lack of proper demarcation. In the recent years there have been 13 rounds of talks regarding border, which have yielded no results. Though New Delhi have downplayed the incursion citing demarcations reasons and Beijing has declined direct comment.

    Indian media and some military seniors reported rise in Chinese incursions. Indian Military protested the incursions and responded by reopening airbase near china border and landing a Military plane on a forward, remote high altitude air field demonstrating its ability to move its soldiers on the frontline.

    However according to Experts and Think Tanks believe China’s aggression on Indian border is direct result of “Beijing’s nervousness over India’s rise.”

    This was also seen when Beijing tried to scuttle India’s Civil Nuclear Deal, at the Nuclear Supplier’s Group Meeting indicating that china is not completely comfortable with India’s rise on the world stage. Analysts and experts believe that china is catching up to the idea that it has a competitor in Asia, coming in its way of becoming a world power. So all the incidents happening on the border including Ladakh are directly resulting from Chinese desire to be a dominant power of this region. China has also beefed up its military infrastructure closed to Indian borders.

    An Indian Analyst recently announced in the press that china might attack india by 2012. All the recent developments indicate the China is increasingly nervous about india’s rise and doing deliberately everything it can, from scuttling Nuclear Deal, coming in the way of international financial organizations loan grants for Indian border state developments. India’s has to deal with china prudently to eliminate threats and continue to rise on the world’s economic stage.

    Chinese Provocation


    India China Border Dispute Region
    Chinese troop cross over into India from Trig Heights, Chumar and Pangong Tso Lake.

    Home Minister SM Krishna responding to Reports of IncursionChinese Military might display in Beijing on its 60th Anniversary
    Indian Minister responds to incursion reports & the Military parade on its 60th Anniversary in Beijing.

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    1. Hope no need war to solve this situation.
      .-= Dana@Online Knowledge´s last blog ..WordPress Upgrading: 2.8.5. version =-.

    2. Ramakanth says:

      I think Chinese Maoists are War savvy ,I agree they are developed in all fields,but if they use these type of tactics for Industrial purposes ,India will respond in right time.

    3. John says:

      Chinese military build up and aggression has to be dealt jointly by the international community and its neighbors based on international laws…. more ships from other countries should be deployed in the south and east china sea to make sure china behaves…… India should make military allianses with usa on its defence against china

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