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    Solution to “BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” Error while Trying to Boot Windows 7

    Yesterday, I installed Windows 7 Operating System on my Desktop Computer using Windows 7 DVD. I created Windows 7 DVD using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. The installation was quick and everything went fine.

    Solution to BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart Error while Trying to Boot Windows 7

    After installation completed, I installed Windows 7 Drivers. As always, after installing any drivers we need to restart the PC.

    I was surprised to see an error while my Desktop computer was booting up.

    BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

    The above error came up after installing Windows 7. I was surprised to see this. My initial reaction was “Whether my Hard Drive is showing signs of wear and tear”.

    I tried pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and rebooted the PC, but no success end up with the same error message.

    I then used my laptop to find out the solution to BOOTMGR is missing Error in Windows 7 in Google.

    I was happy to find the solution and solve the issue. I am now sharing the same with you all.

    Solution to BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart Error in Windows 7

    First of all, Let me tell you the cause of this. If you have two hard Drives connected to your PC and you tried to Install Windows 7 on Secondary IDE or Secondary SATA. It will write the BOOTMGR on primary Hard drive.

    I was doing the same thing. I installed Windows 7 on Hard Drive that was connected on Secondary IDE.

    Do the following to resolve BOOTMGR is missing in Windows 7

    1. Take Windows 7 DVD or Windows 7 USB and boot your computer with it. Press a key when you are prompted to boot PC with Windows 7 DVD or USB
    2. When Windows 7 completes loading Setup Files. It will ask you to select the language, time and currency. Select it and Click Next
    3. On the next screen, you will see Install Now. But, below you will see “Repair your computer”. Select that.
    4. Now Windows 7 will try to check for the problems in Windows 7, before that it will search for Windows 7 Installation Drive
    5. After few seconds or minutes, it will show the problems and you should see the Problem related to Boot
    6. It will repair the Boot Record by placing the BOOTMGR properly.

    Follow the above steps, i am sure you will be able to resolve the BOOTMGR is missing issue.

    I was able to resolve it. If you find any other solution to this. Please leave a comment or the link. I will appreciate it and add it to the post so that others readers can also try multiple solutions.

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    1. Great tips, my problem solved. 😀
      .-= Dana @ Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Atahualpa 3.4.4 Configuration Part 2 =-.

    2. Brenden says:

      I’ve tried this trick already and still have the same problem, I really don’t want to have to format my drive. Is there anything else I can try? I have another drive which I now am running windows on, but I still can’t access the old boot drive, even if I make it a slave I get the original BOOTMGR is missing error. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    3. Perry says:

      I am getting this while trying to install windows. Obviously I can’t boot from a CD, any thoughts?

      • Owen says:

        Consider downloading the corresponding Windows installation software, then burn it to a disc… you should be able to find one via Microsoft’s website.

        If not, there should not be any legal issue with you downloading one elsewhere if only to repair your already legal installation.

    4. karthik says:

      thanx i will chk next cmd

    5. prabhjot says:

      i had tried to boot my lappi with the WINDOW 7 DVD but it is giving the same error

      please give me some help

      t hankxx in advance

    6. Anwaraj says:

      I formatted the C:\ using dos prompt and now i am unable to install windows 7. The system is not reading from the cd-rom.Mine is a lappy and I don’t know how to set the primary drives…
      Plz helpp me..

    7. linda says:

      BOOTMGR is missing is a strange problem,I have met with it for more than 2 times.However,after i reboot the pc,the problem disappeared.

    8. KIM AMBROSE says:

      i have formated the hard drive and now i am getting that error “bootmgr is missing” press CTRL,ALT,DEL to restart what can i do if their is no os installed. HELP HELP HELP PLIZ

    9. kristian sollien says:

      I need some help, i have the same problem. But i cant reeboot becouse i vant enter the bios ore do anything else. Please help.

    10. Anand says:

      Thanks it is very help full for me ………. i had this problem..

    11. Sheoran says:

      Thanks Nihar, your solution was good but it was missing some key points. Last night i had this problem and i tried everything by your article but it didn’t work because it was not showing the previous version of Win 7. The reason was C: drive which was the primary partition was not “Active”. To make it an active partition, I had to go to the command prompt and enter some commands. I’m pasting a link below which was really really helpful in recovering the Win-7 and restoring the Boot-Loader/BOOTMGR.


      Please keep in mind the following: you would be required the same version of Win-7 Recovery or Full DVD in order to restore that. e.g. If you had Win-7 Enterprise Edition, then you would be required Win-7 Enterprise Edition DVD. If it was Win-7 Home edition, then home edition would do. Just follow the Christopher and it will resolve the issue. He has included the link for DOS Commands which will help you in case you find it difficult to enter commands.

      in case you still find it difficult: e-mail me
      “sheoran.one AT gmail dot com”

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