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    Tweak Windows 7 OS using Windows 7 Little Tweaker

    After few days of Windows 7 release, lot of geeks come up with Tweaks. Most of the tweaks can be done via Registry changes which are not easy and look harder for novice users. This is the very reason these geeks develop a small Tweak Utility which does the job and make Windows Tweaking easier.

    Now, we have Windows 7 Little Tweaker which will Tweak Windows 7.

    Windows 7 Little Tweaker is a tiny portable utility which lets you tweak settings of Windows 7.
    Tweak Windows 7 OS using Windows 7 Little Tweaker

    List of Windows 7 Tweaks using Windows 7 Little Tweaker

    1. Add “Copy To” & “Move To” option in files and folders context menu (right click)
    2. Automatically end task of programs which are either hanged or taking longer time
    3. Decrease menus show delay time. It will delay the sub-menus
    4. Disable the low disk space check. This setting will make you happy as you won’t be bugged with annoying low disk space notification in system tray
    5. Set Windows to not waste time in searching for a program which no longer exists in your system when you try to open its shortcut
    6. Disable “search on Internet” prompt in “Open with” window so that it directly opens the program list
    7. Add “Take Ownership” option in files and folders context menu
    8. Speed up the Explorer navigation by disabling network printers and network scheduled tasks
      Note: Apply this setting only if your PC is not in a Network
    9. Add “Command Prompt Here” option (my favourite) on folders context menu (right click) for a quick command prompt opening at the selected folder
    10. Add “Open With Notepad” & ”Delete Folder Content” (my favourite) option on folders context menu
    11. Speeds up taskbar thumbnail preview by reducing the mouse hover time delay
    12. Disables (Turn Off) Annoying UAC (User Account Control) and suppress UAC consent prompt dialog
      Windows 7 Little Tweaker. (my favourite)

    Download Windows 7 Little Tweaker

    Download Windows 7 Little Tweaker

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    1. Blogsolute says:

      Another tool added in list does almost everything – all tweaks. Thanks for share!

    2. This provides an easier tool to those who don’t want to play around with the registry editor, I guess 😀

    3. It looks like a real handy little toy, especially for the non-technical ones of us. I’ll stick to my XP for the time being, as I really prefer keeping things simple. Let the other people learn the lessons first, before changing over, is what I say!

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