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    Download Kaspersky Password Manager

    Kaspersky has today unveiled a new product – Kaspersky Password Manager
    Kaspersky Password Manager

    What is Password Manager ?

    A password manager is software that helps a user organize passwords and PIN codes. The software typically has a local database or files that holds the encrypted password data. Many password managers also work as a form filler, thus they fill the user and password data automatically into forms. These are usually implemented as a browser extension.

    More info about Password Manager

    In this digital world, we have lots of online accounts like email, bank, etc., each one will have different username and password. Remembering each one of them is very difficult. We can use Password Manager to make our task easier.

    Kaspersky Password Manager, once installed will start storing your online username/passwords combination’s for every site you login to. This will help you also have very Strong and Cryptic Passwords which are hard to remember.

    Kaspersky Password Manager will prompt the user to enter the Master Password. If entered correctly will give access to all passwords residing in protected database.
    Download Kaspersky Password Manager

    Kaspersky Password Manager Features :

    • Organize and store all passwords in one secure location
    • Sign in to websites and applications with a single mouse click
    • Access and secure all passwords with a single master password
    • Store passwords in an encrypted database on your computer
    • Automatically create strong, unique passwords
    • Carry a mobile version of the product on a flash drive
    • Fill in online forms automatically
    • Fully Compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7

    Kaspersky Password Manager costs you $24.95. On purchase you will get a Registration Code.

    You can also try Kaspersky Password Manager. The trial period is 30 days.

    Download Kaspersky Password Manager

    Download Kaspersky Password Manager

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    1. kolorowanki says:

      Thanks a lot for this information! it is very useful. Thanks for this link to Kaspersky man

    2. While I run Kaspersky Internet Security on my machine, I am unsure if I would actually trust them with my passwords. I still feel that viruses give anti-virus vendors a reason for being, and by storing your passwords with them you’re almost looking at giving the key to the henhouse to the fox, if you know what I mean!

    3. Papai says:


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