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    How To Open Multiple Websites / URLs With a Single Click using URL Opener

    Most of us have some favorite sites and you would like to open as soon as you open the Browser. Let say you have open 10 websites daily. Opening them one by one will be tedious and mundane task.

    Lot of you might have thought about this… Why not Open Multiple Websites with Single Click?

    There are number of ways you can Open multiple websites at one go.

    I am presenting you one such way with which you could Open Multiple URLs with a Single Click !

    URL Opener is a service created by Brad. URL Opener is a Productivity Tool. Using this tool you can Open multiple websites at the same time

    How To Open Multiple Websites  URLs With a Single Click using URL Opener

    Paste URLs in Text area and Hit Submit !

    How to Open Multiple Websites with a Single Click

    1. Visit URL Opener website.
    2. Once the website is opened, you will see a large Text Area
    3. Paste all the Websites / URLs you would like to open at the same time into that Text Area
    4. Now simply Hit Submit button to Open Multiple URLs at the same time
      You need to set your Browser to open new windows in tabs. here’s how

    URLOpener can be used to Open Multiple Websites using Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 or later, Opera, etc.,

    Open Multiple URLs using URLOpener | FAQs on URLOpener

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    1. URL opener seems like a treat. I use my bookmarks in firefox and simply go “open all in tabs” and hey presto, all my favourite sites are opening.

    2. Hi, I found your page when I was searching google for sites related to this article. I have tell you, your site is brilliant. I don

    3. Vinus says:

      for those who like to know alternative tools which do the same task I can tell that I use click cutter to open multiple urls. With click cutter You do not have to make steps required for url opener to copy and paste all urls in text box. with click cutter you simply highlight all urls within the text and open them with a single click.

    4. facebook says:

      With You gerekmez adımları yapmak url açacağı için kopyalamak ve metin kutusundaki facebook thank you..

    5. Jane says:

      I think there are many website like this I found url.getwebsitevalue.com which does the same thing

    6. url opener says:

      no need to load second page just paste list of url and click open all no more graphics no adds


    7. Ramkumar says:

      There is another such online tool which apart from these functions allows the users to specify the number of links to be opened at a time. Check out http://www.myurlopener.com . This way your system might not hang opening so many links.

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