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    Sony stops Floppy Disks sales in the Market

    Remember old days, when we were using 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 Floppy Disks to copy the files over and share with friends and colleges.
    Sony stops Floppy Disks sales in the Market
    To my surprise, Floppy Disks are still being sold in the market. I don’t who is still using the Floppy Disks. I haven’t used Floppy Disk from last 10 years .

    Sony has announced that it will stop selling floppy disks from March 2011 because of falling sales.

    The Japanese electronics giant had stopped selling the disks in many international markets earlier this year due to low demand and competition from other storage media such as online storage and portable USB drives

    Do you still use Floppy Disks ?

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    1. This comes as a shock to me as well that they would still be selling floppy disks. I guess if there is enough “demand” in the market they will see just about anything… I myself, don’t even have a floppy drive on my computer., anyways I am glad to see that it is being phased out slowly but surely.

    2. I haven’t used a floppy for at least 8 odd years! I am really glad to see the end of them. They were super unreliable, and really deteriorated very quickly. I’ve had countless experiences of artwork being corrupted, etc with the little “stiffies” as we used to call them. My USB flash drive really works well for me.

    3. fridelain says:

      Old indrustial machines only take it’s input (blueprints) trhought floppies. They where (and still are) built to last. It’s more cost effective to buy new floppies (which are relatively iexpensive) than to replace working equipment. Also, some (old) specialiced software, for instace accounting, which cost millions!! Also, the only way to load drivers on a Windows OS instalation before Vista, for instace for RAID cards.

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