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    Raavan Movie Review : Mani Ratnam’s Magnum Opus

    “Raavan”, Mani Ratnam’s latest movie which is shot both in Tamil and Hindi is one of his most ambitious projects. It stars Vikram, Abhishek and Aishwarai Rai Bachan in lead Roles. Raavan, what he means, is he evil or does our understanding change when we look his actions from his perspective. It explores the relationship between the captor and captive.

    Here’s what Mani Ratnam has to say about Raavan:

    Ten Heads
    Ten Minds
    A Hundred Voices
    One Man
    Did such a man ever exist…?
    Is there a Ram inside a Raavan? And a Raavan inside a Ram?

    Raavan Movie Review - Mani Ratnam’s Magnum Opus
    Raavan Movie release date is June 19, 2010. It will be released in Hindi and Telugu.

    Raavan Movie Review

    Raavan is story similar to the Ramayana in the modern day context. Raavan is not a story but a world. Dev (Vikram), a policeman, falls in love with Ragini (Ashwariya Rai), a classical dancer. They are both unconventional. They get married and he takes her to his new post in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India. Lal Maati is a place where the law is what a local man, Beera (Abhishek),says it is. He is a tribal man who has, over the years has shifted the power dome from those who were rich and ruling formerly to the down trodden area(slum). Dev knows that the key to bringing order to any place is to vanquish the big fish, in this case – Beera. In one stroke Dev manages to rip open Beera’s world, and set in motion a chain of events which will claim lives, change fortunes. Beera, injured but enrages hits back starting a battle that draws Dev, Beera and Ragini into the jungle. The jungle is dense, confusing and scary. In this journey they must confront the truths which they try to hide from themselves and their fears. The journey will test their beliefs, convictions and hidden emotions. The forest becomes the setting for the battle. The battle between the good and the evil, between Dev and Beera, between Ram and Raavan. When the lines dividing the good and the evil starts to blur, whose side will you take? In an age long epic where hate turns to love and goodness emerges as evil everyone must fight their own battles. Whether for love or hate, good or evil, you’ve got to watch the movie to know the end.

    Major plot of the movie unfolds in dense forests, so the movie is mostly shot in outdoor locations in forests. The movie is shot in great picturesque locations, with medieval temple and archaeological structures within forests, rivers, rivers, waterfalls, hillocks, Rocks, trees, jungle, adventurous tracks and more.
    The movies also sports Kaliripayatu Martial Arts, has great stunts and action sequences. It is produced by mani ratnam’s Chennai based Madras Talkies. Music is AR Rahman, the sound tracks are exceptional and already gaining popularity with music lovers, AR Rahman like in GURU and has used Gujarati and north Indian folk and tribal songs and rhythms into the music composition. Besides the three lead roles, there is supporting cast that includes Govinda, a new event an actor of his pedigree being casted for a mani ratnam movie, there is a also a the new comer Priyamani, Ravi Kishhan and Nikhil Twivedi. With aishwariya rai playing the role of a classical dancer, there also some great tandav dance and chase sequence choreographed by Astad Deboo, Sabyasachi Mukherjee designed Aishwarya Rai’s costumes in the film.

    Raavan Movie Poster | Raavan Movie Wallpaper

    Raavana Movie Poster

    Raavan Movie Wallpaper

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    1. kaami says:

      Mani Ratnam is my favorite director.I Think ravaan is again hit by Mani Ratnam. Thanks for posting it.

    2. I think this will surely be a hit movie, great review

    3. Anish K.S says:

      Eagerly waiting for Mani’s Raavan, Songs Just Average.
      .-= Anish K.S´s last blog ..Amway India inaugurates 9th Health & Beauty Brand Assessment Centre in India =-.

    4. This looks like quite a serious piece of work, I am absolutely amazed with what Bollywood conjures up. Some really nice alternative entertainment to the Hollywood offerings. Now will this movie ever be available in English? Or subtitles only?

    5. OceanOfWeb says:

      i dont know why mani ratnam is saying

      Is there a Ram inside a Raavan? And a Raavan inside a Ram?

      didnt get his this wording…

      .-= OceanOfWeb´s last blog ..Team India Out From T20 World Cup Race =-.

    6. sharepoint says:

      It will be another masterpiece from a mastero and will be a great hit. But more than box office status, I think it will go down as a classic movies in the history like Nayagan, Bombay, Rosa, Guru, Yuva. I am sure Mani-Abhishek magic works again.

    7. bob says:

      I like the great picturesque locations of this movie.

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