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    Download Paragon Partition Alignment to solve misaligned partitions issues

    In the past, I have written about products from Paragon Software. Today, I am introducing you to a new Paragon tool called Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT).

    Paragon Alignment Tool

    Download Paragon Partition Alignment to solve misaligned partitions issues
    It is a alignment tool which solves misalignment problems on Partitions of 4K hard disk drives, SSD, RAID, SAN and in virtual environments.

    The problem of inevitable degradation of the disk subsystem performance caused by misaligned partitions dates back to the nineties. From being a headache for IT administrators who wanted to get the most out of disk arrays, it’s become crucial for all of us with appearance of SSD (solid state drive) and ultra high-capacity hard drives. Moreover, the growing popularity of virtualized systems has aggravated the situation even more. Does the problem that bad? Just see it for yourself:

    The misalignment of logical partition sectors and actual physical sectors leads to redundant read/write operations, which is critical for overall performance, and with SSD, for its lifespan as well. With our PAT (Paragon Alignment Tool) you can forget about these problems once and for all. It will help you align partitions on physical and virtual disks according to internal device’s geometry without affecting the on-disk data.

    Paragon Alignment Tool Features

    • The only tool that aligns partitions in a single operation
    • Guarantees safety for the on-disk system and data
    • Boosts performance of disk subsystems up to 3 times
    • Significantly increases endurance of SSD drives
    • Alligns partitions inside virtual containers and the host
    • Alligns partitions on ultra high-capacity 4K hard disks
    • All our flagship products include this utility by default

    Paragon Software supports Paragon Alignment Tool 2.0 in two versions (32 Bit and 64 Bit).

    You can also check the latest white paper explaining why misaligned partitions are a problem for hard disk drives

    You can try Paragon Paragon Alignment Tool for Free. The offer is valid until June, 30th ONLY!

    Download Paragon Partition Alignment Tool

    Click this link and fill the below form and try Paragon Partition Alignment Tool to solve partition alignment/misalignment issues
    Download Paragon Partition Alignment by filling form and Registering it

    Once users have registered with Paragon, they will receive a confirmation email from the developer containing the document download link and product key and serial number.

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