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    Beware of FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 spam in Orkut

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Recently in most popular social networking site Orkut, a dangerous spam is spreading out.

    FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 spam is spreading predominantly in Orkut Indian Communities. Don’t forward this link to your friends.


    How FREE MOBILE RECHARGE rs 500 Spam is spreading

    The link is forwarded to you through Orkut from some Orkut friend. And the link is coming from their known friends (who are also victims). This way FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 spam is spreading rapidly.

    Don’t believe in FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 , this is actually an attempt to hack your orkut account. If anybody clicks on the link, A Login page is opened which looks exactly same as orkut. It prompts you to enter username and password. Actually this is not orkut page but fake. The hacker gets your username and password. This is known as Phishing Attack.

    If you unknowingly entered your user name and password, there is high possibility of your gmail account getting hacked and links will be spread to your friends and they will be the victims. One Indian profile from 50 profiles is infecting this spam.

    How the FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 spam will look like (FEW SAMPLE LINKS BELOW)

    • Do you Know About Free Recharge
    • Changed By Orkut Changed By Orkut here is the new link… ENJOY FREE RECHARGE RS 500 DAILY
    • Copy n Paste link where www , orkut, com / Main *#Home is written i.e orkut home page.
    • Finally which works orkut Got Working Script !!
    • NUMBER of Orkutians got recharge:849869255

    What if you become a victim of FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500?

    Immediately change your Google Account password, if it was not changed by Hackers.

    Many Indian profiles are hacked with this attack. Attacked people are requesting Orkut Team to solve this problem.

    Have you see these type of links in your Orkut? If yes please share it in comments.

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