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    Green Computing – Top Ten Power Saving Tips for your Computer

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Global Warming is the one of the major challenges of the world. Day by Day temperature of the earth is increasing. It leads to unexpected changes in the nature, which we are experiencing every now and then. We are experiencing hot as summer even in Rainy Season and many more nature abnormalities.
    Energy Saving Tips
    One of the main reasons behind increase in temperature is increasing use of electricity. We cannot stop using electricity, but we can control using the electrical appliances. Computers comes under one of the most used electrical appliances in world. As a regular Computer user by using some below simple steps, we can reduce the global warming and can save the power and money also.

    Today, I am going to share Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for the Computer

    Go Green Computing!!!

    Power Saver Tips

    Top Ten Power Saving Tips for Your Computer

    1. When you are moving away from computer at least power off the monitor. Monitor consumes up to 60% of the power. It is always a good practice to set the sleeping mode and automatic monitor off mode.
    2. When purchasing a new Monitor choose LCD model of Monitor instead of CRT Monitor. CRT Monitor may be cheap in cost compared to LCD Monitor but it consumes more power.
    3. Power Saver Tips

    4. Select Processors which consumes less power whenever they are idle or doing less work . For Intel Processors, there is technology called Speed Step which controls the power. For AMD processors, this technology is under the name of Power Now, Cool ‘n’ Quit .
    5. Windows 7 Memory Management, Disk I/O Cycles, Processor using methods are developed compared to all previous versions of Windows. So Windows 7 operating System uses less power compare to other Windows Versions.
    6. 5.Small size Hard Disks consumes less power compared to big size Hard Disks. Solid State Drives (SSD) works based on the flash memory and consumes less power. So SSD Hard Disks consumes less power than mechanical Hard Disks.
      Computer Energy Saver Tips

    7. External Graphic Cards consumes more power. Users who are not in high graphics field can avoid buying costly Graphic Cards. Save power using the on board graphics.
    8. Hi-fi 5:1 Channel Sound Card consumes more power, so think while purchasing.
    9. Computer Power Saver Tips

    10. Use Printer, Scanner, USB Pen Drive and Digital Camera whenever there is a requirement only, otherwise remove them from your computer to save the power.
    11. PCI LAN Card uses more power, so use on board LAN Card. Use PCI LAN Card only in unavoidable situations.
    12. Green Computing-Computer Power Saver Tips

    13. Frequently open your cabinet of Computer and clean the dust around the SMPS, CPU, CPU FAN and cables. which reduces the heat as well as power consumption.

    I will follow about 10 Tips to Save Power and Go Green Computing. Will you follow it???

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    1. shane ryans says:

      These are good tips to follow another thing to add would be lower your screen brightness it will use less power and help your eyes as well.

    2. Kanigy says:

      Watch this youtube clip on green computing : http://www.computing-tips.net

    3. Very thought provoking post – love the graphics too. You may have left out one part of green computing: cloud based document scanning and cloud computing in general.

      If a business can reduce those oceans of documents and file cabinets, businesses can reduce office size and space…thus reducing energy requirements.

      Great article to remind us all of the importance of being green!

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