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    Free Hindu Panchangam Gadget for Windows

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Many of us believe in the good time and bad time of life. In the same way, there are good times and bad times in a day. Some people regularly follow the panchang timings for all their works. Some people follow Panchang only for important occasions of their life. Panchang is nothing but a Hindu Calender with timings. Every time they have to go to Panchang for watching the best and bad timings. From now it is not necessary for them to go to calender every time. No need to wait for Ugadi (Hindu New Year) to buy a new Panchang. The best Panchang Gadget is available at .

    My Panchang - free Windows Gadget

    According to Hindu culture Tithi (Date) is Lord Maha Vishnu (The Supreme soul – The Supreme God), So is the Vaar (day), the Nakshatra (Star) , the Yoga, and Karana (Reason). All Five limbs of the panchangam are Sri Lord Maha Vishnu. He is time.

    Download Hindu Panchang Gadget for Windows for free. It shows all the details about the day like , Rahukalam, Verjyam, Sunrise, Moonrise, Simha/Aavani, Shaka, Tithi, Nakshtra,Yoga,Karana, Yamagandam,Gulikai, Durmuhurtam,Amritkalam, Sun in, Moon in,Tamil Yoga, Anandadi Yoga.

    Just follow the following 3 Steps to installing and using the Mypanchang Windows Gadget.

    Step1: Download and Install the Mypanchang Windows Gadget

    Download Mypanchangam Windows Gadget – mypanchang

    Install the downloaded gadget mypanchang by simply double clicking.

    Step2: Assign your location to Mypanchang Windows Gadget

    Right click on the Gadget and click on options as shown in the below figure.
    Windows Gadget - Hindu Panchang

    Panchangam details changes according to the locations.So Enter your country and location as shown in the following figure.

    Hindu Panchang for Windows - Step1

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