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    How to do Column Select in Notepad++ Editor

    At my workplace, I always prefer to use Editplus Editor. I use this editor for everything.

    I was forced to switch to Notepad++ Editor recently. The reason for switching is that we don’t have a full version of Editplus.

    There are lots of features that i like about Editplus, One such feature is Column Select.



    What is Column Select ?

    Ability to select columns across lines. Once you select it, you can either delete it or cut it or do whatever you want.

    In Editplus, Column Select shortcut key is ALT + C.

    When i started using Notepad++, I started missing this feature. This Column Select feature is not listed in the Menu but, listed in Editplus menu. Finally found the solution.

    How to do a Column Select in Notepad++

    1. Place the cursor from where you want to do the selection.
    2. Hold ALT key and Click left button of the mouse and drag it.
    3. Release ALT and LEFT Button of the mouse after you have selected the desired set of lines.
      Notepad++ Column Copy short cut

    The short key for Column Select in Notepad++ is ALT + Use your mouse + left click.

    Hope you were now able to Select Columns in Notepad++ Editor

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