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    Move installation from one Drive to another Drive with Steam Mover – Free Download

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    We normally install all applications / softwares / utilities into C: drive. Since it is the default installation drive many times we won’t change the drive. If we install every thing in C: Drive, after some days we may see the notification ‘Low Disk Space’ due to the less space availability in the C Drive.

    We can’t directly delete or cut and paste the installed programs files / folders. If we delete or cut the programs, Applications will not work because registry entries still shows the existing path as C Drive. We have only one solution i.e., If we want to free the space then we should uninstall the programs and again re-install the same programs in another logical drive / partition.

    To install the same program once again we have to search the CDs, DVD, Serial Key of that Program. All these efforts are time consuming and repetitive. Specially for games users, which takes more space ,installation and uninstallation. We may feel happy suppose if there is any program which moves the installation from one drive to another drive immediately without any problems.

    Steam Mover is one of the wonderful freeware utility program which will move the installation easily from one drive to another Drive. It is a portable program so no need to install it, only download the zip file, extract it and just double click on the program. You can take it to any where in your Pen Drive and can use.

    Steam mover program move installation

    How to Use of Steam Mover Program

    • Select Steam apps Common Folder at left side of the screen for Source Location. Select Alternate Folder for Destination location.
    • Select the check box I want to run the commands myself to see the process.
    • If you want to move games back to your C:\ drive, simply click on the left arrow button.

    Points to Remember while using Steam Mover Program

      Steam Mover works in only Windows Vista and Windows 7. It will not work in Windows XP or lower versions.
      Steam Mover requires NTFS formatted drives. It will not work with FAT32.

    Uninstallation of Steam Mover

  • Delete the SteamMover.exe
  • Delete two Registry keys at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SteamMover
  • Download SteamMover for FREE

    Download SteamMover v0.1 – 1168KB

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