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    Convert your favorite web page into PDF – Download Free web2pdf Addons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Everyone who knows about internet will agree that, web is the rich source of knowledge and information. We regularly browse many web pages. Some times we would like to save some pages which are more informative and useful for future reference. There are lots of ways / format in which you could save the webpage. If we save the web page via webpage complete, it will be saved in folder as well as page. We can also save as HTML or Text format. But the saved page will not look exactly as it was in the Browser. Internet Explorer supports one more format called MHT (Web Archive-Single File), but Other than Internet Explorer users don’t have other alternatives.

    The web2pdf is providing a great service which can convert the whole web page into a single PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Web2PDF Converter converts web pages into PDF files for free online from any web browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Many people likes the documents in PDF formats. PDF Documents can be read and maintained easily. Archiving for future reference, PDF is the most better format than other formats. So converting a web page into PDF is a very useful for users.

    Easy Steps to convert your favorite web page to PDF

    Step 1: Go to the WebSite and enter your favorite site URL as shown below. Here in this example you can see www.niharsworld.com.
    web2PDF Step1

    Step 2: Just click on Download PDF file and save the PDF file to your Computer.
    web2PDF Step2

    Receive the PDF Document via Email attachment

    Users who have limited access to the Internet can also create web page PDF via email. Send your favorite website URL to submit@web2pdfconvert.com and get the reply with an attached PDF back at once.

    Web2PDF email

    Download Free Web2PDF Addons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

    Download Free Firefox Addon

    Download Free Internet Explorer Addon : web2pdf-converter.exe

    Download Free Google Chrome Addon

    Only thing you have to remember is web2pdf will not work for pages which asks for password, for example if you want to convert your email into PDF it will not work. Other than this you can convert and download and website you like. So, Download and maintain your favorite web pages in Portable Document Format (PDF) for Free.

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