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    Google New Doodle HTML5 Balls – Google Balls – Google Dots

    Couple of days of we had Google’s Doodle – BuckyBall. Today, Google has unveiled a new logo and as weird as it sounds: you can play all day long with Google’s balls on the Google home page. Today’s Google Logo consists of a lot of HTML5 balls and when you leave them alone, regroup themselves into the “Google” name. It is also known as Google Dots.
    Google New Doodle HTML5 Balls - Google Balls - Google Dots
    It is a great treat where you can spend hours chasing after colorful balls that regroup to write the word Google.

    It might be a new game or it symbolizes some great event or could be a way to celebrate the anniversary of some neat invention. Or it could be a way for Google to celebrate their birthday – the company was founded on September 4, 1998.

    Either way it is a fun way to kill time and just play with the little balls. If you do visit Google’s home page and you know why in the world the search giant is asking us to chase balls, please let us know.
    Google Homepage new logo
    Dozens of dots or balls makes up the standard blue, red, yellow, and green logo today. When you first load up Google.com, these dots are scattered all over the place but quickly fall into the Google logo. But when you move your mouse anywhere near this logo, the dots freak out and jump all over the page.

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    1. Tomas says:

      Google didn’t use HTML5, it was just javascript and CSS.

      Flash performs quite well also

    2. VishalBurns says:

      And as we are on the Buckyball news, that single day when Google had kept buckyball as its logo, there were more than $250,000 worth of Buckyball sales by a single site! (obviously the site was at the top of the ranking for the keyword Buckball).

    3. sophsta says:

      how do i do this??

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