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    Get your Facebook Notifications, messages, pokes, walls, event invites,friends requests, tagged photos and shares on your Desktop system tray

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    The most famous social networking web site using in the world is Facebook. Facebook was started in February, 2004 by Facebook Inc. ca. Now, Facebook is used by millions of users to share their photos, views, messages, pokes, friends invites and requests.

    Facebook Name

    Facebook Users every time need to login to check about the updates. This is time taking and repetitive work for those, who visits facebook regularly. Today, I am introducing a best utility called Facebook Notifier, which sits on the system tray and shows every notification of your facebook account.

    Facebook photos

    Fbquick is a best freeware program which will notify you about the latest updates of your facebook like messages, pokes, walls, event invites,friends requests, tagged photos and shares. You can now receive instant profile notifications on your desktop, and stay connected with your friends, groups, and events. Monitor your Facebook profile without a web browser and Enjoy all the fun facebook has to offer plus more!

    Fbquick Features

    • Message:When a phone call is too much and your wall just isn’t classy enough, fbquick will be there to notify you as soon as you get a new facebook message.
      Poke:Win every poke war!! fbquick will show a pop-up notification as soon you get poked. This way you can poke right back within seconds. Your enemy, friend, stranger will bow to your Jedi-like poke powers!
    • facebook message

    • Wall:So the new saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, ends up on your facebook wall!” With fbquick you can get a pop-up notification instantly when someone writes that one thing they promised not to tell anyone.
    • Facebook wall

    • Event invite: It’s important to know about an event right away. That way you have enough time to get a new outfit, haircut, or perhaps come up with a good excuse. To save you time, fbquick will notify you as soon as you get invited to your next event.
    • Facebook event invite

    • Friend request:Internet friend: A friend with no strings attached fbquick will notify you each time you get a new friend request.
    • Facebook friend request

    • Tagged photo: It’s hilarious what pictures are captured on a cell phone camera. It’s even more hilarious when your friend puts that picture on facebook, and then tags you in it for all your friends to see. No need to fear, fbquick will save you from that surprise by notifying you right away!
    • Facebook tagged photo

    • Share:Sharing is caring. Next time one of your friends shares something through facebook, fbquick will instantly send you a notification on your desktop. Now that’s caring.
    • Facebook Share

    Download Fbquick for Free

    Download Fbquick – fbquick-installer.exe

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