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    Download Free ScreenshotCaptor to Manage and Edit Your ScreenShots

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Screenshot Captor is an award-winning screenshot capturing application. It is very useful for the users who works more with images to create user manuals and documentations. User can easily edit and improve the look of screen so that the reader of the documentation could understand every thing easily, by just seeing the images. Screenshot Captor is different from other screenshot utilities in several notable ways.

    Screen Capter Screen

    Screenshot Captor Features

    • Optimized for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention.
    • Smart autonaming of files, and ability to embed textual comments in files.
    • Good multi-monitor support.
    • Highly configurable to make it work the way you want it to; stays out of your way in the system tray.
    • Lots of capture modes: Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region, Windows Object. Each mode has a hotkey for quick access.
    • Unique Cool Effects, including automatic active window enhancement (see pictures below).
    • Unsurpassed support for 3rd party user configurable tools, including file browsers and image editors; extend the program to do whatever you need by interfacing it with other programs.
    • Slimline sidebar file browser provides full shell operations.
    • Optional automatic image file versioning.
    • Seamless integration with Unicode Image Maker tool.
    • Automatically finds boundaries of non-rectangular/themed windows.
    • Autoscroll capture for windows too big for screen.
    • Deluxe thumbnail maker
    • Quick PostCapture PopUp Dialog.
    • Quick Screenshot Emailer Menu.

    How to get the free license key of ScreenshotCaptor

    Screenshotcaptor is freeware software. License Key for screenshotcaptor is available at free of cost. If you want to donate you can donate funds. Users who donate, will receive universal license key which is valid for life time for all the products of www.donationcoder.com.

    If you are not interested to donate, Following license key rules are applicable to you.

    • License generated here will remove the reminder nag from the program for 6 months.
    • After 6 months the reminder will come back and you must again generate a new license key which will last for another 6 months.
    • After 1 year from your initial signup you can return to this page for a permanent non-expiring license key.

    Just follow the simple steps to get the free license key of ScreenshotCaptor

    1. Goto www.donationcoder.com and signup.
    2. Signup donationcoder

    3. Goto the license key section click on Generate License key for Screenshot captor.
    4. Select ScreenCopter

    5. Copy the License key.
    6. Download ScreenshotCaptor
    7. Install by just double clicking on ScreenshotCaptorSetup.exe.
    8. Start the ScreenshotCaptor Program. Click on Enter New License Key Information

      ScreenCopter License

      Paste the License key and click on Accept Key .

      Now You are ready to use ScreenshotCaptor.

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