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    Ayodhya Verdict: Masjid-Ram Mandir controversy | Ayodhya History

    Update: Ayodhya Verdict Judgment ( contentious Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit case ) is on September 30th, 2010 at 3:30 PM

    So who owns the land at Ayodhya? Was a masjid really built in the place of a temple? Is there any concrete proof of that? These questions have caused many riots and are going on creating tension since last 60 years. The Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir controversy is one of a kind: an issue that defines a people’s history.
    So who owns the land at Ayodhya?
    Going into the Ayodhya History – The question as to who built this structure known variably as the Babri Masjid or the Masjid-i-Janmastan: it was constructed by Mir Baqi, one of Babar’s generals in 1528. What is in contention is the location of the edifice or the edifice that was. Was a pre-existing Hindu temple razed to the ground to consecrate the Babri Masjid is the question?

    Indian courts were going to give their verdict on these questions on September 24th 2010, but it has been postponed to September 28th 2010, in the hope that an out of court settlement is still possible.

    Considering the tension, built within the country, regarding the result of this verdict, Home Minister P Chidambaram has urged all citizens to maintain peace stating,

    “Government earnestly hopes that all section of people help in maintaining peace, order, harmony and tranquility; no one needs to have any apprehensions.”

    He also asked all state governments to take adequate measures to maintain peace. Huge security arrangements have been made in Ayodhya; at the Allahabad court where the verdict is going to be passed and all over the country, specially the sensitive areas, where communal tensions are known to be high.
    Now everybody is waiting to see whether there will be a verdict by the end of this month, as one of the judges hearing this case is retiring on September 30th 2010, and if the verdict is not released by then, the entire trial has be reheard in the courts.

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    1. abhishek says:

      I wonder if the verdict will come on the said date. As some people are trying in tandem with the congress thinking to defer the judgment. Congress would try to defer it and make it public only when it suits them and there vote bank politics and that is one thing i am very sure of.

    2. Vikram says:

      The verdict postponed to Thursday 3PM

    3. sreenivas goud A N says:

      forget about the court judgement… whatever may be outcome…the peoples mind set should be to treat this land dispute as any other land dispute case. not much importance should be given to this land dispute case.

    4. Manu says:

      I hear all news channels propagating the ‘we shall accept the verdict of court peacefully message’ including Mr.Jeelani (the lawyer heading the muslim group in the court).If he is so law abiding and decision accepting then can he please tell me why he rejected the archeological survey of India report that there was evidence of a destroyed temple at the site?I dont buy this from Mr.Jeelani.I can see it in his body language and demeanour everyday he is on TV.Like all muslims he only can accept the arguments which favour him.I want to ask all muslims….are the passages in the quran refering to killing all non muslims really true?If yes…your religion is a false edifice and I and every human being reject it.Your feelings can go to hell.

      • ABU says:

        dear manu,

        before passing/staing and comments one should have the knowledge about it, no where in quran, bhagwatgita, puranas, rig veds, etc there is a mention of killing innocent peoples, whether they be hindus, muslims, jews, sikhs,christians, etc. from ur comments above, i think u have just blundered it without any knowledge, so my dear, i personally request u to first read the quran with its meaning, u will get the answers to all your questions.



        • Manu says:

          My dear Abu,
          I can detail all the soorahs and ayahs over here which propagate those views.I am not talking in thin air.If you would like me to state those soorahs and ayaahs over here,let me know…I would gladly oblige.

    5. Manu says:

      There..we hindus got the place of worship of Ram lala.Thats what we wanted.The muslims can fuck in the rest.Fuck off now..you cockroaches.

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