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    Download Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIP) for Free

    Microsoft provides a feature with which users can localize and use Office 2010 in their native language. Same feature of Localization is provided for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Microsoft provides Localization for Office 2010 in the form of Office 2010 Language Packs and Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIPs). Both of the packs provides solution for multilingual individuals, families, and small businesses, with the Language Packs available in 38 languages (which equivalent to total language versions of Office 2010 is available in, where the language is considered primary).

    But there is a difference. Office 2010 Language Packs costs you because it provides translation for all the features in Office 2010 where as Language Interface Packs provides only limited features translated hence, it is for FREE.

    Download Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIP) for Free

    The main difference between Office 2010 Language Packs and Language Interface Packs is that Language Packs contain localized user interface text for more 2007 Office release programs (Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Word), and more proofing tools than Language Interface Packs, such as grammar checkers, and it’s chargeable for the download. Meanwhile, Language Interface Packs provide a set of tools in a number of languages for popular Office release programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. The LIPs can be downloaded for free, but unlike Language Packs, translated Help/User Assistance is not part of the LIP download package, but may be available as a separate download for your selected language, and only limited proofing tools are included. Languages that available in full localized version as Language Packs will not be available as LIP.

    Microsoft has started to release Language Interface Packs (LIP) for Office 2010. The LIPs that available for Office 2010 will be slowly expanding over time. A web page has been set up to list all LIPs that available for Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, where the download links to setup installers are available for free.

    You can Download Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 Language Interface Packs from here http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/redir/HA001113350.aspx

    A total of 62 LIP languages in total will be available for Office 2010.

    Download Microsoft Office 2010 Language Interface Packs for FREE

    Basque 32-bit (x86): LanguageInterfacePack-x86-eu-es.exe
    Basque 64-bit (x64): LanguageInterfacePack-x64-eu-es.exe
    Basque Help: Office2010LipHelp-eu-es.zip

    Catalan 32-bit (x86): LanguageInterfacePack-x86-ca-es.exe
    Catalan 64-bit (x64): LanguageInterfacePack-x64-ca-es.exe
    Catalan Help:Office2010LipHelp-ca-es.zip

    Galician 32-bit (x86): LanguageInterfacePack-x86-gl-es.exe
    Galician 64-bit (x64): LanguageInterfacePack-x64-gl-es.exe
    Galician Help: Office2010LipHelp-gl-es.zip

    Serbian (Cyrillic) 32-bit (x86): LanguageInterfacePack-x86-sr-cyrl-cs.exe
    Serbian (Cyrillic) 64-bit (x64): LanguageInterfacePack-x64-sr-cyrl-cs.exe
    Serbian Help: O14LipHelp.zip

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