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    ENDHIRAN The ROBOT Movie Review

    In few words, Endhiran – Robot is made for Rajnikanth’s fans. When you buy a ticket to a Rajinikanth film, The only rule is that his movies has no rules and that he will be the superstar of the film
    Endhiran Robot Movie Review


    ENDHIRAN The ROBOT Movie Review

    The movie’s scale is Huge and maddening and special effects are incredible, some of the technicians who created the effects are the same people who worked for Zurrasic Park. And character of “chitti”, the human android in this movie is used from many Hollywood movies. The first part is entertaining, but the second part is stretched, feels drowsy and you feel it is dragging and keep waiting for it to end, but the movie goes on for 3 Hours.

    Endhiran Robot Movie Stills

    Endhiran Robot Movie Stills

    But as mentioned before, this movie is recommended for all Rajnikanth Fans and to all who want to witness writer – director’s Shankar’s sheer imagination.

    In this movie, Rajnikanth he plays a double role, as Dr. Vasi who is a scientist, as also as “Chitti”, the andro humanoid created by Dr. Vasi. The Plot of the movies starts to unfold when Dr. Vasi, even though is satisfied with his creation chitti as a Robot, wants to go further and finds a way to inject Human emotions into it. With this Chitti, the human android falls in love with “Sana” Dr. Vasi’s Girlfriend played by Aishwarya Rai. Here’s where the Triangular Love story comes in.
    And of course as expected “Sana”, being girl friend of Dr. Vasa and knowing the fact that Chitti is a Human Android reciprocates by treating him as a friend, a toy friend. The movies starts getting violent from us, as like humans chitti doesn’t like getting rejected, here is the skill of Shankar, as to how he used Chitti to critique and bring out the human nature and conditions.
    Chitti want to be loved and accepted, but when he is not getting this, being a powerful machine that he is, goes on the destruction path; in the end transforming into an army of chittis attacking Dr. Vasi. And there is nothing much to Aishwarya Rai’s character Sana who either has to look pretty or has to get scared.

    Finally, even with a subject like this, Shankar maintains it in the Indian context and hence is easy to relate to and fun to watch.

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    One Comment

    1. Anish K.S says:

      Enthiran rocked all over, once again Shnakar proved that he is the best technician in India.

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