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    Download O&O SafeErase 4 for FREE With Valid License Key

    In September 2010, I shared Genuine Serial License Key of O & O UnErase 6.

    Today, I am going to share one more freebie. It is O&O SafeErase. It is just opposite to what i shared previously.
    Download O&O SafeErase 4 for FREE With Valid License Key
    From the name you can say that this piece of Utility will try to safely erase the Data.

    I know this but, to make you aware. Let me share this fact. When you delete the files from your hard disk or even format the partition or delete the partition. The files are not permanently destroyed. Meaning you could actually use the above software or Recover delete files using Recovery Software.

    Why do you need O&O SafeErase?

    O&O SafeErase is a useful application that is designed to help users securely delete their sensitive data, folders, internet tracks and even the entire computer data/ files using internationally recognized and recommended methods, so that these sensitive and confidential data can never be recovered or accessed.
    Download O&O SafeErase 4 Main Window

    O&O SafeErase 4 Features

    • Clear user interface showing main functions
    • Complete integration in Windows Explorer
    • Detailed reports on deletion procedures
    • Internet Security: securely delete Browser data
    • Overwriting with zeros (for very fast deletion)
    • Pre-defined and individual deletion profiles
    • Secure deletion of files and partitions
    • Secure deletion of entire computers without Boot media
    • Secure moving of files and directories
    • Six methods for securely deleting your confidential data
    • Supports multi-core processors
    • Various settings for secure deletion

    O&O SafeErase is comatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 (both x86 & x64).

    O&O SafeErase costs 29.95 $. But, you can grab the software for free. SoftwareLoad Germany in collaboration with O & O Software is giving away O&O Software for FREE with Valid License Serial key.

    Get O&O SafeErase 4 Free License Key

    1. Users have to just visit SoftwareLoad site (German site) to get the free copy of O&O SafeErase 4.
    2. The above link will open a webpage containing a Form. Just fill the particulars. The form is in german. Please refer below list of details in English:
      • E-Mail Adresse: Email Address
      • Passwort: Password
      • Password wiederholen: Confirm password
      • Sicherheitsfrage: Security Question
      • Antwort: Answer
      • Anrede: Gender
      • Vorname: First name
      • Nachname: Last Name
    3. After filling up the form and submiting. Just go to O&O SafeErase 4 product page and click on the “Vollversion Kaufen” (Full Version).
    4. Now enter PCWeltSafeErase4> in the “Gutscheincode” field, then click on the “Kaufen” (Buy) button. Users need to confirm their aceptance of the discounted offer by clicking on the “Kaufen” button to confirm.
    5. You will be now redirected to a webpage containing the O&O SafeErase License Key

    Download O&O SafeErase 4 for FREE

    Download OOSafeErase4Enu.exe.

    After the download, Install and key in the License Serial Code of O&O SafeErase 4

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