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    Need an AADHAAR CARD issuing by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) | Brief about UIDAI

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    To receive any type of benefits, certificates from the Government, one should produce their eligibility certificate to prove their identity. This identity should be unique for all over the world. Identity issued at one place should be valid at any where. In the mean time the identity should be issued by the all India authorized Organization. Here is How to Apply for AADHAR Card – UID Number

    Click here on How to Apply Aadhaar Card

    In another perspective, Actual benefits from the government are not reaching the poor, who really need the benefit. According to India’s Ex-Prime Minister Late Sri Rajeev Gandhi only less than ten percent of the government help is reaching to the Needy. Corruption and fake Identities are the important reasons for this. Persons who got the power in their hands are producing fake identity certificates in the name of actual incumbents and enjoying the benefits.
    Need of an AADHAAR Number issuing by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) Brief about UIDAI
    So Indian Government decided to use the technology to identify the correct persons and formed the statutory Organization called UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), which collects the Demographic (personnel), Biometric(Physical identities) information of every citizen and maintains in the organized manner. There is no scope of including any fake, duplicate information with any influence. All the Ten Fingers of both hands and Two Eyes Iris are to be scanned and maintained. All the verification are done against these data in the Central Server (CIDR – Central Identities Data Repository). This information is unique at all over the world. If everything is satisfied one Unique Identification Number called AADHAAR is issued to the eligible candidate.

    About UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)

    UIDAI is formed by the Indian Government in January, 2009. It is a Statutory Government Organization of the India. Main objective of this Organization is to issue an Accurate and Official Unique Identity (UID) numbers to every Indian citizen with easy and low-cost. Main Head Quarters of UIDAI is maintained at Delhi. Chairman of UIDAI is equal to the Rank of Cabinet Minister of Central Government. Presently Mr. Nandan Nilekani is the Chairman of UIDAI. Director General – Mission Director of UIDAI is equal to the Rank of Additional Secretary to the Government is responsible for all Administration affairs. Deputy Director General whose rank is equal to the Joint Secretary of the Central Government, Assistant Director General whose rank is equal to the Director of the Central Government are assistants of Director General. Director General (Finance), Deputy Directors, Section Officers and Assistants are also working hard for UIDAI Project.Project Monitoring Unit(PMU) which is formed by experts of various fields is also helps UIDAI Project. All types of Technical related activities are handled by the Technical Development Unit at Bangalore.

    Eight Regional Offices at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ranchi, Lucknow, Guwahati are formed by Government. Each Regional Office is Headed by Deputy Director General(DDG). Three Members of Assistant Generals and Deputy Directors are assistants of DDG. Senior System Analysts, Desk Officers and Assistants also works for each Regional Office. Registrars may in turn partner with enrolling agencies to enroll residents into AADHAAR.

    Read about the First India’s AADHAAR Number Receiver.

    Contact Information for UIDAI Enquiries

    • Voice – 1800-180-1947
    • Fax – 080-2353 1947
    • Letters – PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore – 560001
    • Email – help@uidai.gov.in
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    1. Arvind Singh says:

      One think I knows that all kind of initiative has been opposed by other, In my knowledge Aadhaar will serve its purpose to provide benefits on govt. schemes to all common people and it is also necessary to enroll all Indian so that no other can mix with them…. I read some where that AAdhaar has achieved great success to enroll more than 1 lakh in short period.

    2. HS GURURAJ says:

      How to register through online for AADHAAR ID CARD. Get me the link.

    3. HS GURURAJ says:

      Please send me the details for how to register online for AADHAAR ID Card

    4. kishore kumar says:

      send my aadhaar card with this 1167990700a0015 reciept number & enrolment numbers are1027009560681604012011164214, 1027009560681604012011164945, 1027009560681604012011165348, 1027009560681604012011, 165738

    5. nitin singh says:

      mujhe abhi tak uid no nahi mila hai.
      details hai
      helpEnrolment No. and Date time
      1025/12301/00637 and 14/12/2011 time-11:56:25

      kripya jald bhejne ki kripa kare

    6. binod chettri says:

      pl talme about How to gat AADHAAR No. ? i am from state sikkim /gangtok

    7. natarajag says:

      i have enrolled to aadhaar on 10.02.2011 with enrolment no 1111/15222/00880.Till not we have not received the card with unique no identification eventhough 2 and 1/2 months passed.May I get a reply to this.

    8. Balwant Singh Rana says:

      I have enrolled to Aadhar on 9-3-2011 vide E.No 1090/10933/00165,when I expected to receive the card.

    9. venugoapl says:

      Dear Sir/Madam

      i have lost my mothers Aadhar card , how to get a duplicate card ,

      M) -9945718840

    10. pushpender agnihotri says:

      mujhe abhi tak uid card nahi
      mila details hai help enrolment no 1093/40146/01463/ and 17/4/2011 09/45/28

    11. H.N.Gopalaswamy says:

      I have enrolled for Adhar card at Mysore with COMAT TECHNOLOGIES(P) Ltd on 24/11/2010 at 15:31:44 hrs. vide # 1037/11150/00965 .While my wife’s card has come about 10 weeks back how is it my card is still to come when we both enrolled the same day/time with the same agency?I have also filed a complaint by phone vide # 211269 on
      21/3/2011 and had sent an e-mail to expedite it. So far I have neither received the card nor did i receive any reply for the delay. When can I expect my card? Reply me to this at least.

      Sorry to note Red- tapeism seems to have spread its wings to the so called e-governence where adhar Organisation is headed by a person who was the ceo of a big IT co. Will Mr Nelikani correct such delay ?Otherwise tax-payers money seems going down the drain due to such delays. Please correct in -efficiency at least in your organisation Mr. Nelikani.

    12. premkumar says:

      till now we have not received adhar card of swaroopa rani
      enrolment number:1093/20090/01670,date:02/03/2011 15:18:31
      complaint numbar:502627
      &pasula vinith kumar s/O of pasula prem kumar
      enrolment number:1093/20090/01672,date:02/03/2011 15:24:55
      complaint number:37338

    13. Vijay.H.Shah says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I enrolled for an Aadhaar card at Mysore with COMAT TECHNOLOGIES(P) LTD on 02/01/2011 at 13:11:47 hrs. It has already been six months since my enrolment. I haven’t yet received my card! So, by when can I expect it to be received?? I hope to get responded to this..

    14. Vijay.H.Shah says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      My Enrolment number is 1037/11375/00071.
      I’m yet to receive my Aadhaar card! I hope to receive response to this..

    15. Mita.V.Shah says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I enrolled for an Aadhaar card with the COMAT TECHNOLOGIES(P) LTD on 24/03/2011 at 08:40:02 hrs. It has been two and a half months since my enrolment, and I’m yet to receive my Aadhaar card!! My Enrolment number is 1037/11465/02230. I hope to receive it soon , and also get responded to this!

    16. Please give me a contact number of that place/person who is doing /taking informations , photograph & all things to related to UIDAI at lucknow(Uttar Pradesh) as soon as possible .
      Contact Number:0522-2235183
      Mob. No. : 09889801820

    17. lalit kumar says:

      till now we have not received adhar card of lalit kumar
      enrolment number:1207/00565/00024,date:27/05/2011 17:48:44
      complaint numbar:0000
      &lalit kumar s/O of hajari lal
      enrolment number:1207/00565/00024,date:27/05/2011 17:48:44
      complaint number:0000

      e mail id- lalitsharma01in@yahoo.com

    18. ashok says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      My Enrolment number is 1207/00430/00107.
      Give me arjent Aadhaar card!
      Ashok Rajput

    19. AKBAR PASHA says:

      what is the position of my aadhar application no.1037/11492/02468 when will be getting reply to lubnasteeltraders@yahoo.com

    20. Deoram Chaudhari says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I have submitted all papers for Id on 13th April 2011, my enrolment no is 1104/20047/02224, I am yet to receive my card. Please inform me on email if possible as when I will receive the same.
      D N Chaudhari

    21. sanjay narayan dane says:

      Dear Sir,
      What is the position of my aadhar application no. 1218/16390/00655

    22. Deoram Chaudhari says:

      I Crad not received even after more than 3 months.
      Please inform probable date of receipt.

    23. kumar gaurav says:

      sir mara district name wrong hai .kya pin code shaie hai to district name shaie ho jaaga.
      name – kumar gaurav
      dob- 15-02-1992
      s/o – vishwanath singh
      p.o – banhara
      district – munger
      pin code – 811213
      Enrolment No – 1001/07001/27616

    24. my name nathuram tilwani from agra up india my unique no 1207/00563/01326 plese send massage

    25. Deep Chand Tewari says:

      I Crad not received even after more than 3 months.
      Please inform probablem date of receipt.
      My Enrolment no-1007/60370/02618

      Read more: Need of an AADHAAR Number issuing by UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority of India) | Brief about UIDAI | Nihar’s World http://www.niharsworld.com/2010/11/17/aadhaar-number-issuing-uidai-unique-identification-authority-india-uidai/#ixzz1b7izetbk
      Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

    26. Surender Singh says:

      Dear sir

      my name surender singh fromchhawla new delhi up india my unique no 1108/50564/01649 plese send massage

    27. sir pleese take my aadhaar card my Enrolment no.1218/17675/01344 date time 17/04/11 13:46:00 Enrolment Agency -Wipro ltd refar after take news my email or mb no.

    28. SURENDRA SURANA says:

      Dear sir,

      I Crad not received even after more than 3 months.
      My Enrolment no-2017/00065/00971
      Date:22/06/2011 Time:16:29:24

    29. Dear Sir/Madam

      My Enrolment No.(1) 1207/00002/46739 Bhawesh Saboo.date24/07/2011

      (2) 1207/00002/46740 Pawan Saboo.date 24/07/2011

      (3) 1207/00002/46741 Vandana Saboo
      (4) 1207/00027/02935 Rajat Saboo

    30. ASHISH KUMAR says:

      Respected Sir/ Madam, I did not recived card Last 6 Month.

      MY ENROLLMENT ID 1090/10907/92801 Date/ Time 26/06/2011 11:12:50

      pls send me card.

    31. uden swami says:

      dear sir. i have applyeD fore my card on 30/07/2011 17:54:45. MY ENROLMENT NO. IS 1171/03205/03419. PLEASE KINDLY HELP ME. SEND ME MY CARD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    32. sanjay swami says:

      Sir/madAm.i have not recived my card from 5months. my enrolment no is 1171/03205/03419 date & time is 30/07/2011 17:16:17. please kindly send me my card as soon possible.

    33. sanjay swami & uden swami says:

      we havnt recived our card from 5 months. sanjay swami enrol ment no:1171/03205/03419 Uden swami enrolment no:1171/03205/03419 date and time:30/07/2011 17:16:17. please kindly send our cards. address 1/50 G, shanti path austrilian high commision chankya puri new delhi -110021

    34. awadheshverendrashukla says:

      pllesemy aadaar card

    35. dear sir may name lalchand tilwani from agra up not received uniq aadhaar card after more than 5 month please send card

    36. geetadevi says:

      dear sir /madam, i am geetadevi my e.n. no. is 1119/10008/17522 but i am not found now please done quary and send detail in this mail ajeetpanjikar@gmail.com

    37. jasdev singh says:

      Please send me my Aadhaar card enrolment no-1050/70541/00833 dated 28/10/2011 ENROLMENT station location: 140001

    38. harbans singh s/o arjun singh says:

      i have not received UID card yet.

    39. bhimdan says:

      my name -bhimdan fathaer name-somdan
      my aadhaar card is los please new duplicate aadhar card issue kara ve
      aadhar card inrolment no -1050/50411/00122 date 18-10-2011

    40. bhimdan says:

      Sir/madAm.i have not recived my aadhar card from 13 months. my enrolment no is 1050/50411/00122date & time is 18/10/2011 16:52:33. please kindly send me my card as
      my mob no 9983921938 los post office department not my singnature in postoffice dep.ragister inquary plz sir
      Read more: Need of an AADHAAR Number issuing by UIDAI (Unique Identity Authority of India) | Brief about UIDAI | Nihar’s World http://www.niharsworld.com/2010/11/17/aadhaar-number-issuing-uidai-unique-identification-authority-india-uidai/#ixzz2D9G1Qu5k
      Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

    41. kajal ravi agrawal says:

      i have lost my aadhar card how i can get my aadhar card or were i can search

    42. balasaheb raghunath kharat says:

      Sir/madAm.i have not recived my aadhar card from 20 months. my enrolment no is 1218/16673/16625date & time is 15.05.2011 11.12.15. please kindly send me my card as
      my mob no 9545450427

      my email id > balu.sahaib@gmail.com

    43. UIDAI AADHAAR CARD STATION ID 75500 PB 1907034767

    44. Aadhaa card issuce from 2015 harpreet singh station id 75748

    45. Name Harpreet singh.s/o surjeet singh village Ami wala.Teh Zira.Distt Feeozepur.p.o Makhu mobile no.9814305495

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