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    TeamViewer v6.0 Beta Free Download

    TeamViewer v6.0 beta was release recently. Long back, I had shared one tip on How to share Desktop or / Remote PC Access using TeamViewer.

    TeamViewer is a very nice free utility tool which allows one to login to remote PC and access the PC. It means one can share their desktop to troubleshoot the system, install softwares / applications, Fix some issues or even do presentations.

    The first release was way back in 2005. It has gone through lots of enhancements and the latest version 6.0.9 beta has lots of new features with even better security features.
    TeamViewer v6.0 Beta Free Download

    TeamViewer v6.0.9 features

    • Noticeable Feature is Revamped User Interface.It has got a refreshing look.
    • One noticeable improvement is that it can now re-establish the connection with remote team member after a sudden restart.
    • There is a new feature called QuickJoin which redefines the way you give online presentations or attend online meetings. It allows you to send the session data to your participants. With invitation, more participants can now join to view online presentation and give suggestions in online meetings. Also with QuickJoin, you will be able to use all traditional online tools and functions such as, VoIP, chat, whiteboard, etc.
    • Moreover you can adjust the TeamViewer Host Module completely as per your requirements, you can also design the Host Module with logo and text of your choice. The Custom QuickSupport has also been improvised in the latest beta version, you can now reach anyone directly from your partner data list with a single click without exchanging IDs and password via email, etc.
    • Want to password protect your options? That can be done as well. Overall, TeamViewer v6.0 beta brings new and improved features and is more stable than its predecessors.

    TeamViewer 6 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (bot x86 and 64 bit)

    Download TeamViewer 6

    Download TeamViewer 6

    Have you used Teamviewer before? If not do use it. It is a great tool

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