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    WordPress Plugins to reduce overall plugin count

    This is a guest post by Kuldeep who blogs at Revolutioners.com

    I used wordpress 2 years ago and just fell in love with it. Itโ€™s powerful, dynamic, simple and blazing fast. It just blew my mind off. Ever since then I have been using wordpress, I am trying to come up with things which are usually useful.

    The best thing I like about wordpress is the ease of up-gradation, installation and un-installation of themes and plugins. WordPress 3.0 comes with a revamped plugin update feature, allowing you to update plugins faster, smoother and easier. It also offers a bulk update feature that is completely new to WordPress, so thereโ€™s no excuse for letting your plugin versions expire. And In all this havoc what we usually do is we keep adding plugins and forget about them. Today I am going to showcase some plugins which can reduce the number of plugins you use on your blog.
    5 WordPress Plugins to reduce overall plugin count on your WordPress Blog

    5 WordPress Plugins to reduce the overall plugin count

    Header Footer: Why you have to install 10 plugins to add Google Analytics code, MyBlogLog tracking code, Google Webmaster verificaton code, MyblogLog verification code, tradedoubler verification code (and so on…) on header or footer section of your blog pages? You can use this plugin to add any javascript or css code on your blog.

    Query Posts: The widget has over 40 options to choose from. You can list posts by category, tag, custom taxonomies, author, date, time, name, or anything you can imagine. You can choose to show the full content, excerpts, or even a simple list. You can order the posts in all sorts of ways. Oh, and you can even show pages. So forget about installing most commented, most popular, by category etc plugins separately when this little plugin can do all the magic.

    Add Post Footer: I use it and itโ€™s a great one to add-on to your blog. I am using it for adding search box, author bio, links, related posts, or anything I want. Some more usage of this plugin can be; banner, ads, search box, any html code, related posts.

    Advertisement Management: Advertisement Management was created by someone and is not officially supported anymore. But you can still download it from wordpress website. It works flawlessly. It lets you add any html/txt at 8 different places on your blog without even touching the code.

    1. Adspot 1: Below posts title on the front page.

    2. Adspot 2: Below the title when post is open.

    3. Adspot 3: Below post content when post is open.

    4. Adspot 4: Below title when a page is open.

    5. Adspot 5: Below page content when a page is open.

    6. Adspot 6: Below the commentboxes.

    7. Adspot 7: Above the header.

    8. Adspot 8: Below the footer.

    Good for ads, banners, alert boxes. Basically add ads code/ script/ banners to anywhere in the theme.

    Math Comment Spam: Not sure about you but I was using around 3 different antispam plugins and still used to land up with at least 4-5 spam comments. Ever since I installed this plugin spam count has been zero, I swear. So, I suggest you use it.


    WP Utility Shortcodes: This nice little plugin can bring that professionalism on your blog. Add cute quotes, boxes and button in no time. Very useful. Thought should share it with you guys.

    Most Important

    Exec-PHP : This plugin will let you execute PHP code in widget text area and other text areas in the plugins mentioned above. If used properly in conjunction with Post Footer and Advertisement Management Plugin, this can do wonders on your blog and reduce the number of plugin count dramatically.

    Let me know your thoughts guys. Feedback suggestion is welcome and appreciated. If you want me to write on anything specific as well then let me know.

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    1. Nice list Nihar…i was looking for a plugin to customize the post footer…thanks for sharing Add post footer…I will give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi Kul, thanks for saving me from using too many plugins in my blog. Will use this five plugins listed here for sure. Thanks again

    3. Namit Gupta says:

      Useful list. Liked the sole concept of post “reducing the overall number of plugins.” You mentioned some really useful plugins which can be used to reduce the plugin load from WordPress.

    4. Thanks for sharing this info.I have to start using them also

    5. Deepanshu says:

      Great post….i will certainly use the post footer one ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. hemantlatawa says:

      Hi Nihar

      Can you pls guide me, How I can load my profile photo on your website ??

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