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    How to Get Back Old Facebook Profile Page

    Few hours back, Facebook introduced New Facebook Profile Page. In that post, I have mentioned that once user switches to new Facebook profile page. He/She can’t get back to the Old Facebook Profile Page.

    Those who have switched to New Facebook Profile page don’t like it for some reason and wanted to get back. Here is the trick that I have found it to get Old Facebook Profile page back.

    How to Get Old Facebook Profile Page Back?

    This trick is scary. I don’t take any responsibility for this. Try on your own risk

    • Login to your Facebook account
    • Go to the options and Deactivate your Facebook account for a short time
    • After few minutes, Reactivate your Facebook account again.
    • You will get back the old Facebook profile page back

    I haven’t tried this as I haven’t switched to the new Profile page. Have you tried above? Did it work?

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    1. Bilal Ahmad says:

      Hmm this is extremely scary and danger tip, but useful one.

    2. shashank says:

      this works buddy:))
      its amazing!

    3. nicola torrington says:

      didn’t work for me – i will try several times and see if that does it

    4. Cole says:

      This is pointless because I just found out ANYONE that switched to the new profile look will see your page in the new profile look – no matter if you see yours in the old profile look or not. Go ahead, try it, make a new account and look at your real page – it’s all new ugly looking. Login to yours and it looks the way you want it , but note that everyone whose switched over will see yours as switched over!

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