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    GMail introduces Gmail Delegation – Grant access to Gmail Account

    Great News for all Gmail Users. Google has introduced Email Delegation feature on GMail.

    What is Email Delegation?

    Assume that you have two Gmail accounts accountone@gmail.com and accounttwo@gmail.com. If you are signed in accountone@gmail.com and you want to access the emails of accounttwo@gmail.com then the only way is to sign out and re login to the second account or Open these two Gmail accounts on different browsers (for ex: Chrome and Firefox).

    GMail introduces Gmail Delegation - Grant access to Gmail Account

    Access Multiple Gmail accounts at a time using Email Delegation

    With Email Delegation feature from GMail, one can access both Gmail accounts from either of the Gmail account by adding the secondary Gmail account in the primary Gmail account. Below are the steps on How to achieve it…

    1. Visit gmail.com and login using Gmail account which you want to treat it as Primary account
    2. Now go to Settings by clicking on the link (you can find it on the top right corner)
    3. Now go to Accounts tab
    4. You should see a section “Grant access to your account”
    5. Now click on Add another account and key in the secondary Gmail account email address
    6. You should get a verification email on the secondary Gmail Inbox. You should open that email and click on the link to confirm the verification process
    7. Once done, you should see small down arrow will appear beside the email address on the top right corner.
      How to access Multiple GMail accounts at a time using Email delegation
    8. Click on that will open the other Gmail account in one more browser. You can start access Emails from both the accounts.

    If you send the Email from the secondary Gmail account, It will send the email from Primary account but will be on behalf of secondary gmail account

    Did you check this feature out? Did you like it? Will you start using it?

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