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    How to find out Website hacked or infected

    Most of the webmasters nightmare is that their website getting hacked by a hacker or infected by malware. Every website owner or blogger should know on How to find out whether website is hacked or infected.

    Below are few pointers that might indicate whether website is compromised or not.

    There are lots of possibilities in which a website may get hacked. Most of them are due to vulnerabilities or security loopholes in your website, password has been compromised, security updates on the host provider is not up to date, etc., The reasons might be countless.

    Hacker might also make your website vulnerable using malware by injecting some scripts into the website via javascripts or SQL Injections.
    How to find out Website hacked or infected

    What is Malware?

    The term “malware” is a malicious software which is designed to harm computer, network or website. You can call viruses, worms, spyware, trojan horses as also malware.

    Once the malware has take over the computer or website it can do lot of damage by sending emails or phishing attacks, steal personal information,etc.,,

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    : Hacked Site Notications

    How To find out whether website is hacked or infected?

    • Login to Google Webmaster Tools
    • I think you already have verified site ownership, If not then do it first
    • Under Dashboard, Go to Malware and see whether any thing is listed or not?
    • If your site has been compromised, you should a message here and also you should be receiving via email

    If you are website is hacked, then read this on Clean the infected website

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    1. Swamykant says:

      I check all these fields frequently. No malware activity for SEO, otherwise it can do lot of harm.

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