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    How to Automate Diggs for your Blog

    How to Auto Submit Blog Posts on Digg

    Most of us have Digg account and digg our own blog posts. But, the manual process is cumbersome takes time. How about Digging Blog Posts automatically immediately after publishing posts?

    Yes it is possible. Follow to below steps to Automatically Submit Articles on Digg

    How to Submit Blog Posts Automatically on Digg

    1. Login to Digg.com
    2. Go to Settings Page (you should find the option on the top Nav bar on the right)
    3. Click on ”Import Feeds”, you can find it on the left side
    4. You should find a field “Enter the URL for the feed you would like to have auto-submit your content”
    5. Now enter your Blog feed URL or Website feed URL and choose the Subject (I chose Technology)
      Enter the URL for the feed you would like to have auto-submit your content

      Enter the URL for the feed you would like to have auto-submit your content

    6. Now click on “Add Feed” button to Submit your blog feed
    7. You will be now presented with two Verification codes. Choose any method and try to get Verified
    8. I opted for a code which i pasted in the new post and verified the Feed URL on Digg
    9. Once done, click the Verify Now button
      Digg Import Verify Feed
    10. If all the above steps are followed properly, you should see your Blog details under Manage Feed

    via technicstoday

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    1. typy says:

      Thanks -it is very usefull. Digg is important for marketing strategy.

    2. Victor Chen says:

      Thanks for sharing this. Though I had it setup already, I didn’t realize it would auto submit new posts for me. It’s still good to know. One less site I need to worry about.

    3. I didn’t know this before. I was manually submitting my blog posts. Thanks for the tutorial. I have now automized digg for my blog.

    4. I was not knowing this And was not submitting my blog to digg. Now I will automate it for my blog


    5. Anish K.S says:

      yes nihar, we can save our time. 🙂

    6. Namit Gupta says:

      Hey Nihar, nice post. This is a must use feature by digg. Manually submitting each post is really a cumbersome task. This feature was added in the latest revamp of digg.com, I registered TheitechBlog at that time itself. Cheers 🙂

    7. Tony says:

      I have try this way before and it’s good. Don’t need to manual submit your url daily. Just let’s Digg crawl it and submit by itself.

    8. Vikram says:

      Good, i have also added my feed. thank you.

    9. Alex Windsor says:

      There are no “import RSS” in the new interface of Digg.. eh

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