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    What are backlinks and how to get them?

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    What are back links?

    The simple and easiest definition of back links is the links pointing towards your site, it does not matter what kind of links are these. Just you need other domains to point your domain by means of click able link.
    What are Backlinks and How to get them?

    How to get back links?

    You can get back links by many means but the most easiest ways to get backlinks is :

    1) Directory submission.
    2) Commenting on fellow bloggers blog.

    A directory is basically a website which will allow you to submit your link on their site, they have many categories to choose from. Directory admin will have to approve your link and then your link will go live, and will be considered as backlink.

    And while you are commenting, you must put your url in url place, and it will be counted as back link. Another point to consider while commenting is to use your name because many blog owners don’t allow using keywords as their names, so you must see if other people are using names or keywords.

    So, you’ve to do both these basics things to get good amount of back links, which will improve your search engine rankings.

    Posting to Forums

    Another good way to get back links are posting on forums. Probably many forums also allow signatures which will appear along with all your posts and will help you getting good amount of back links. So, try to keep your self active in the forums, because if you most more, more people will saw your links and its good way to get direct traffic as well.

    Creating List

    More over I also prefer to make a list of some good forums , blogs and directories. So, that when you need to use them you can do it easily, because it may be hard for you if you try to remember all the links.


    Lastly, I would say that if you have very less time then spend at least 1 hour on link building and if you got enough time then spend 3 hours on link building, and give 1 hour to each, because it is the most basic part of your business.

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    1. Backlinks = more seo! Too much backlinks can also destroy your ratings 😀 Nice post mate 😀

    2. The best way to get backlinks is to comment on fellow blogger’s blog. Nice info keep going

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