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    Bollywood Movies Marketing Current Trends

    A new trend is seen these days with the business of Bollywood Movies. Usually it is the US of A which is very good with coming up marketing gimmicks & hypes, and great packaging stunts which can make any product or service desirable, whether it has any worth or is of genuine value or not. But our Bollywood Brigade is doing it good marketing. And it is doing it very well.

    Observe the recent promotions of some of the movies through product associations or otherwise, they are doing quite a bit of marketing. Good enough to create interest in consumer, who tends to think, that if a movie is been marketed so much, it should have something unique. And with this thought, he decides and goes to watch the movie and when you consider this same impact on tens and thousands of audience and most of them, based on the scale of promotions, decide to watch the movie.

    It is exactly this phenomenon which is helping a lot of movies these days; make enough money in the first or second week itself. So what is being done is a Marketing blitzkrieg is unleashed, which creates enough audience in some thousands of audience to make them watch the movie at least once and in this they are making up all the money they invested in the movie. And there you go; your entertainment venture is successful.

    And especially one of the key helpers for this trend is the explosion of Indian television. Indian television currently has a very very huge viewership, added with all the dance show with participants who are there favorite television starts. And these shows being judged by the cast and crew of the upcoming movies and their special performances and other gimmicks which helps create more interested in the potential viewer toward the movie. Ex: the repetitive appearance of Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Farah khan and many of the dance shows and award ceremonies telecasted on television.

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    1. Anish K.S says:

      Nice Post.

      Film quality is low now, even in Malayalam no good films.

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