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    How to Clean up Malware from the Hacked or Infected Website

    Few days back, I shared on How to find out Website is Hacked or Infected.

    Today, I will be sharing on How to Clean up Hacked or Infected Website. If you are one of them how found out that your website is compromised and hacked, then you are the right place. Follow the steps below the clean up the malware or infection on your website and bring it back live.
    How to Clean up Malware from the Hacked or Infected Website
    As mentioned in the above post that Google Webmaster Tool can detect and alert the webmaster about the hacked or infected website. Google will also Flag your site as dangerous. The scarry thing here is that if notified then, you have to act quickly to heal the website because Google removes your website from SERP and stop indexing the website and SEO of your website might take a beating.

    Steps to Clean up Malware from Infected or Hacked Website

    1. Visit this Remove Malware link which contains information on how to combat malware infection on various plaforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
    2. Google recommends that you check this Antiphishing pdf doc
    3. Quarantine your site: It means take down your site, put up some message in the index.html or index.php saying “Site Under Maintanence”. Change all the passwords like admin, Database and other if any and also inform this to your Host Provider
      Google recommends you to return HTTP 503 Status Code
    4. Investigate and scan for problems on your website. There are lots of places to look for the loophole where the malware might have entered and infected the website. Check .htaccess file, logs, root access, cpanel access logs, server logs. All these might give you a hint as to where it all started so that you can plug the hole
    5. Now is the Clean up step. After you find out the problems, try to remove the files, pages, suspicious code, injected code in some plugin, or update .htaccess
      Make sure you take the BACKUP before doing any changes.

    If you have followed all the above steps, you should have cleaned the website from Malware infection.

    In my next post, I will tell you on How to request Google to review your site and include your website again in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

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    1. TechChunks says:

      When a site/blog gets infected by malware, its a nightmare for the web master. But thankfully, to get them cleaned and to get your google index reinstated is easier than it appears.

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