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    Solar Eclipse January 4th, 2011 – Surya Grahan 2011 – Partial Solar Eclipse in India Time

    A Partial Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan will occur on January 4th, 2011. The time of eclipse beginning is 06:40:11 GMT, the greatest eclipse is 08:50:35 GMT and the eclipse ends 11:00:54 GMT. The eclipse will be visible at sunrise in London, Paris and Madrid. The Greatest eclipse will be visible at Sweden. Many cities in Western Europe such as London and Paris will be able to enjoy an eclipse that occurs at sunrise; meanwhile cities in the northern latitudes such as Stockholm, Sweden will view a thin-crescent sun that will move slowly along the horizon.

    Following are the countries where Partial Solar Eclipse 2011 will be visible :

    • Northen parts of India
    • Europe
    • Arabian peninsula which includes countries – Behrain, Qutar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq
    • North Africa
    • Central Asia

    Solar Eclipse will not be visible in USA and Canada.

    The path of the partial eclipse will begin when the penumbral shadow touches the Earth’s surface in northern Algeria at 06:40:11 Universal Time (UT). The eclipse’s path will travel northeast to Western Europe to be seen as a partial eclipse at sunrise for many European cities, while cities in central Russia and northwest China will experience a sunset eclipse.

    World Map showing the Path of Partial Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011

    Solar Eclipse January 4th, 2011 - Surya Grahan 2011 – Partial Solar Eclipse in India Time

    List of Indian Cities where Partial Solar Eclipse January 4th, 2011 is Visible

    Delhi (15:12 hrs to 15:51 hrs IST), Jaipur, Dehradun, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Shimla and Srinagar from 14:37 hrs IST (2:37 PM) to 16:17 hrs IST (4:17 PM).

    Partial Solar Eclipse January 4 2011 Time Schedule

    Dubai – 12:09 hrs to 14:32 hrs (Local Time)
    Britain – 08:09 hrs to 09:30 hrs (Local Time)

    Hindu Rituals during Solar Eclipse / Surya Grahan

    • Do not perform any work during Surya Grahanam
    • Temples are closed during Surya Grahan
    • Take bath in Ganga or Brahma Sarovar rivers on Solar Eclipse
    • Chant Mahamritunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva and Ashtakshara Mantra of Lord Shri Krishna.

    Do’s and Don’t during the Solar eclipse

    • It is recommended to avoid or postpone to perform any important tasks or deal during the eclipse day
    • Fasting is recommended , Many people in India observe fast on the day of eclipse
    • Avoid eatables from outside
    • Avoid cooking during the eclipse timing
    • its recommended to Keep the food and eatables closed during the time of eclipse.
    • Hindus perform ritual bath after the eclipse is over
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    1. Shane Ryans says:

      I saw the lunar eclipse and it was amazing. I am glad I was able to wake up so early in the morning.

    2. TechChunks says:

      Interesting way to start the New Year. Ain’t it? 😉

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