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    Free alternative to Microsoft Office

    This is a guest post by scousewool89. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    There is a free alternative application to Microsoft Office called OpenOffice.org, which can be downloaded from that location.

    It includes all of the same applications, meaning that files are cross-compatible between the two application suites.

    Some technical advice for everyone is that you may need to change some settings if for some reason you have installed both of them, i.e. if you have PowerPoint Viewer and OpenOffice.org installed on the same system.
    Free alternative to Microsoft Office

    To choose which application to open a file in, do the following

    1. Right click on the shortcut to the application
    2. Select the “Open With” option.
    3. Select the relevant program and click the OK button.
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    1. No doubt OpenOffice is free but it is far below in quality than MS Word
      I hve once tried OpenOffice.

      MS is best


    2. Openoffice is really good in many ways actually, it is opensource which is the biggest strength

    3. Kim says:

      Open office is probably a good alternative of MS Office but i wasn’t much happy with the product. It saves all files in .ods and since most people don’t use open office, they simply can’t access document.

      Another thing i noticed in both Mac version and Microsoft version of OpenOffice, is, it takes little time loading entire program, while i upgraded to MS Office 2011 recently and works superfast for me.

      If you don’t want to spend $!50+ in MS Office then, openoffice is a good option though. Google docs is another way to go too!!

    4. Vanja says:

      OpenOffice is loosing ground to the competition, no matter what improvements they make. Ubuntu Linux dropped it from it’s Netbook operating systems and replaced it with Google Docs.

      OpenOffice will never be able to match MS Office or SSuite Office for speed, features, and reliability.

      OpenOffice still needs Java to run on, SSuite Office does not. 🙂

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