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  • Home >> India >> Ahmedabad International Kite Festival 2011 in Gujarat, India – Kite Festival Details, Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers

    Ahmedabad International Kite Festival 2011 in Gujarat, India – Kite Festival Details, Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers

    Ahmedabad International Kite Festival 2011 in Gujarat, India – Kite Festival Details, Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers

    The skyscape along the Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad was imbued with many colours and patterns as kites danced from Sunday, (January 9) . The festival ends on Saturday, January 14, also called Uttarayan in local parlance and Makar Sankranti and Pongal (specially in the South India) over the rest of India. The 21st Patangotsav is a great spectacle.

    Imagine hundreds of kites of various sizes and shapes, conforming to global style, dancing along the Sabarmati riverfront in the historic city of Ahmedabad. The skyscape turns marvelous and splendid. The Ahmedabad edition of the kite festival marked its 21 st year when the festival was inaugurated by the Gujarat Governor, who termed it a unique experience that emitted positive energy.
    Ahmedabad International Kite Festival in Gujarat, India

    International Kite Festival Details, Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers
    Over a hundred kiteists from 37 countries, besides 150 from all over India added glitter and enhanced the festive mood. Over 5,000 students from Ahmedabad’s municipal schools performed yogasanas.

    International Kite Festival 2011 Details held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    International Kite Festival 2011 Dates : January 9th to 11th January, 2011

    International Kite Festival 2011 Venue : Sabarmati River Front, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380006

    International Kite Festival 2011 Programme Details :
    On 09th Jan, 2011 : Kite Competition at 9.30 am. Onwards
    On 10th Jan, 2011 : Full Day Kite Flying by national and International kitists at 9.30 am. To 4.30 pm.
    On 11th Jan, 2011 : State Level Function and Award Ceremony at 8.30 am. onwards

    Kite Festival 2011 In Dhorod-White Rann(Kutch) & Mandvi (Kutch)

    12th January 2011 : White Rann(Kutch)
    13th January 2011 : Mandvi (Kutch)

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was the chief guest on January 11. An ambitious and dynamic chief minister, who has been the longest serving chief minister of India’s westernmost state of Gujarat said the plan was to raise the kite sector’s turnover from Rs 400 crore to Rs. 700 crore in five years. Just imagine, before the advent of this kite festival, which is also known as Patangotsav, the kite business hovered around Rs 35 crore. Well, design institutes like the National Institute of Design (NID) and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), would chip in their expertise in the task. “The Kite Festival pertains to the poor for they make the kites that give us joy,” said Mr Narendra Modi. He has planned competitions for best slogan, songs and films on kites.

    The scene shifted to Dhordo village in Kutch on Wednesday. Kites dotted the sky in the white desert, enhancing the mood of the ongoing desert festival.Mandvi beach in the arid Kutch district would witness the4 festival on Thursday (January 13).

    The highights of the festival include Kite Competition, Kite Painting Competition, Kite Workshops and Adventure Sports, besides Craft Bazar, Food Stalls.

    An addition this year is the Theme Pavilion on Kite History along the Sabarmati riverfront.

    Other cities and towns of Gujarat have their own version of the patangotsav. The spirit and zeal of kite flying is fantastic in the state.
    Taking a cue from chief minister Narendra Modi, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation undertook the construction of an exhibition hall covering 2,000 square meters under the Nehru Bridge. With its theme as riverfront project, it will be a permanent attraction on the reclaimed land. It will display models, pictures and graphics of all features of Sabarmati riverfront project. β€œThe idea is to educate citizens and engineering students about the project. The exhibition hall will house replicas of the riverfront project with promenades, roads, areas where parks and gardens; It has models of stretches that show commercial development. This will give clarity to people about how development is planned under the project,” said an official.

    Ahmedabad International Kite Festival 2011 Photos, Pictures and Wallpapers

    International Kite Festival 2011 1

    International Kite Festival 2011 6

    International Kite Festival 2011 2

    International Kite Festival 2011 3

    International Kite Festival 2011 4

    International Kite Festival 2011 5

    International Kite Festival 2011 7

    Ahmedabad Kite Festival 2011 TV9 Gujarat Video

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    1. Nihar,
      you awake my buried emotions with this city….

      I stayed in Ahmedabad for 2 years. I passed my 2nd and 3rd class from there.

      ramvaanu ch meand Do u want to play in Gujarati πŸ™‚


    2. Awesome work Nihar:)
      Hey are iyou in ahmedabad?
      asking so as you didnt catch many good kites in ur camera!

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