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    4 Ways to save money with your Mobile Phone

    This is a guest post by Rahul. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Did you ever thought of saving money with your cell phone! I guess no..  So, In this post I’m going to share some ways to save money with your phone. Hope you like this post.

    1. Buy Phone that fits you

    Many people spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good looking cell / mobile phone with so many great features but did you ever thought is that the phone that i need!
    This is one of the most effective thing you can do to save big money.

    There are many phones that not going to cost you much but yet they are stylish, sleek.
    4 Ways to save money with your phone

    2. Stop wasting money in pad apps

    Another most common thing that people do are buying apps even if they don’t need. I know apps aren’t costly, they are of just few dollars but if you’re downloading a handful of apps each month it’s costly. Just take a example: If you’re downloading 5 apps a month of each $1.50 that’s an extra $7.50. It may look like a very small amount but if do this all year then you’re wasting $90/year.

    So, think twice before hitting buy button. It’s an effective way to save money with your phone.

    3. Use a Free Text Messaging Service

    Why spending on money on something that you can easily do for free. There are hundreds of text messaging service which provide free services for text messaging.
    Some of the best sites are

    4. Buy Phones from retail shops

    There are many retail stores, that are selling the cell phones at some discounts from the usual price.

    These are 4 ways to save money with your phone. Do you like to save money? Do you want to anything to add? Please share with us in the comments below.

    Rahul writes for a SIM only deals site which compares SIM only contracts and unlimited internet SIM only deals and plans.

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    1. I highly agree with the free texting service and retail store trick, more so with the retail stores since i have noticed that these store owners have a considerable reduction in octroi and customs duty and pass on the benefit to people who buy from them.

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