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    How to Port Your Phone Numbers To Google Voice | Guide to Google Voice Number Porting

    Most of us like to keep the phone number that we have used for years. It is mainly because we have shared it with family, friends over the years and would like to stick to it. This is what is happening in even in India with the introduction of Mobile Number Portability for the Mobile phones.

    Same way, most of the Google Voice users would like to continue using Google Voice but would like to stick to the phone numbers that they have from long time.

    This is possible from today. Yes, Google have announced that Google Voice Number Porting is available for all the existing Google Voice users. It simply means that the you can make the existing Mobile Number that you have to be used as well with Google Voice number. You can Make and Receive calls in Gmail using your Mobile Number. Isn’t Great News?
    How to Port Your Phone Numbers To Google Voice | Guide to Google Voice Number Porting

    How to Port your Phone Number to Google Voice

    1. Log in to your Google Voice account
    2. visit the Settings page
    3. click on “Change / Port” next to your Google Voice number.
    4. Enter your phone number and update it

    You are done.

    Porting Phone Number to Google Voice costs $20 and takes 24 hours to complete. You may incur additional charges, including early termination fees, from your wireless carrier. Contact your carrier to get more details about the charges applicable to you.

    Google Voice Number Porting Video

    According to Google Mobile Blog:

    After porting your number to Google Voice your mobile service plan will be cancelled, and there are a couple of steps that you’ll have to take to continue making and receiving calls on your mobile device. For more detailed instructions on how Number Porting works and to find tips for making the process as smooth as possible, visit the Google Voice Help Center.

    Number Porting is currently available for existing Google Voice users and will become available to new users within the next few weeks, and at this time, Google Voice is available in the U.S. only.

    via Official Google Blog

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