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    What are Recommender Online Communities?

    This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal who blogs at Nitin. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Recommender online communities seem to be popping up as a variety of specialized groups on Facebook and everywhere else online dedicated to dating, sports, and careers. As the significance of the “Like” button on Facebook , “retweets” on Twitter, and “Digg” on Digg is becoming more apparent, the advertising business model that uses television, print, and online media to promote advertisers’ products is  quietly being replaced by “recommender online communities.” Furthermore, these groups  are proving to be a great new platform for the entrepreneurs looking to make big money online.

    If you belong in this latter category, you may want to stick around and learn about how you can open and build your own “recommender online community.”
    What are Recommender Online Communities

    First, “recommender online communities” begins with your particular likes, the hobbies you might be passionate about like movies, music, soccer, yachting, or traveling. Next you can further limit the borders of this new group of your by location such as “London Yachting Network” or “Los Angeles Romance Readers Network.” This will provide you with a concrete foundation for what you will be providing to those who join up with your group.

    With its option to create a permission-based group account versus a public personal profile, Facebook is a great place to build your group. However, you can also check out a premium social network service like Ning.com to open your private club door in.

    Next, you can start recruiting new members by inviting your own network of friends on Facebook as an example. You should initially set a goal for how many members you would like so your efforts will be continually aimed at recruiting new members.

    Now you need to begin building your credibility by posting items that will benefit your members in line with the shared interest you started with. The only reason for members other than your circle of family and friends will stay is if you give them something useful to their daily lives and enjoyment of your united interest.

    If you reach at least 1,000 or more members then you can start thinking money-making. Anytime before you hit critical mass will be a bit premature.

    So how will you make money with “recommender online communities?” Much like affiliate programs you might already be familiar with, you will get sponsors and help them sell their contextually-related products or services to your community for a portion of the profit. For example, if you have a group centred on books, you can have related vendors sponsor events and contests. This is where being local will certainly help since events can be held in your own neighborhood for maximum effect. Think of it as a modern day Tupperware party!

    You can even leverage attendance to your events for the highest profits or to get the biggest discounts on products and services a la the popular Groupon.

    “Recommender online communities” are based on the influence you have over your group members and the power of your recommendations hence the name.

    As a result, building multiple recommenders online communities might become a real money-making venture online.

    Author Bio:

    Nitin Aggarwal started Offshore Ally, a company which offers high-quality virtual assistant and link buildingservices. He likes to blog and has keen interest in SEO and technology. with  Connect with him via Twitter.

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    1. Nitin

      I think Twitter and facebook are enough.
      Digg is not so popular as these 2.
      Is you have good grip on these 2 , you can ignore Digg


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