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    Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Second one Coming Soon

    Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak is coming soon. It will be the second Jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phone. I shared about Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak in November 2010 and then also shared on How to Jailbreak / Unlock Windows Phone 7 using WP7 Chevron. The news is that Microsoft is working to fix Windows Phone 7 phone from first Jailbreak hack. But, now they have to also prepare to fix for the second jailbreak which is coming soon.

    A “Device Manager” for Windows phone 7 will help user to make changes to their WP7 by doing things like side-load applications, explorer the phone’s file system, manage application and can add custom ringtones. This was announced by Developer Julien Schapman.
    Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak

    He also added that the Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak tool will be released only after Microsoft releases its first fix to the jailbreak. The tool is expected to happen next month. They are going to wait and release after Microsoft fix so that they can make sure that they keep a close look at Microsoft.

    Schapman also said that his solution has helped Microsoft’s built-in security measures, which would call home asking to verify the software and re-lock

    Hope the second Jailbreak tool to unlock Windows Phone 7 is out soon.

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