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    6 Points that reflects your blog popularity

    This is a guest post by MaheInfo who blogs at MaheInfo. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    When we start a blog it’s like a new born baby, no Page Rank, no Traffic it’s like a bare land. After putting valuable efforts it starts gaining slowly slowly some traffic. When I started blogging in last week of Nov 2010 I was hardly getting any traffic. after 10-15 days my blog started gaining some traffic and still improving day-by-day. The question is how to analyze blog popularity?? Its very difficult for the blog owner or any single reader to judge how popular a particular blog is so I have made this list of points that will help you to analyze your blog popularity on web.

    6 Points that reflects your blog popularity Pic

    6 Points that reflects Blog Popularity

    1. Direct Traffic : Direct traffic is the most accurate way to analyze your popularity. Popularity mostly depends upon direct traffic you get from your readers (regular readers). More traffic you get directly that means that your blog is known by internet users very well.

    2. Comments : Comments plays an important role in indicating how popular your blog is. In maximum case the blog which gets maximum direct traffic get more no of comments. For example: Problogger, JohnChow etc average no of comment on these blogs are 40-150 comments per post. So you can judge your blog popularity by blog comments.

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    3. Search Engine : More the search engine dumps traffic in your blogs that means search engine as well as readers like your blog. Search engine give traffic to those sites which are previously liked by people or on to the site whose bounce rate is less. You must have noticed that when you search about BLOGGING maximum time the first result is of Problogger because of its popularity.

    4. Page Rank : Google page rank will increase when your blog’s traffic is high, bounce rate is less it depends upon many other factors. If your Page Rank is high that means your blog is liked by visitors as well as Google.

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    5. Feed and Email Subscription : Visitors & readers will subscribe to your feed & email subscription only when your blog is liked by them. For this point I may need not explain you more because you can see that all popular blogs are having huge number of feed and email subscribers.

    6. Backlinks : Backlinks may from Directories, blogs, websites. Other bloggers and websites will give you backlinks only when your blog is different from others and having good reputation in blogsphere. For example you will also try exchange links with top end blogs.

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    1. Umair says:

      Another important factor is average time a visitor stays on your site. Only number of hits aren’t enough, people need to to stay on site for some time too.

    2. I am still in barren territory, but working on … thanks to blogs like this that inspire …. good work, thank you!

    3. Its a very useful post for all those who are new to blogging. And the way you explained this post is really interesting.

      Yes I agree any newly launched blog or website is like a new baby that’s in our hand. We should work hard to grow it 🙂

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