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    Download eBoostr 4 CoGen Media, in co-operation with MDO for Free to accelerate your OS

    eBoostr 4 Free Download is a utility software which has been launched by CoGen Media, in co-operation with MDO. It helps speed up the PC. eBoostr 4 enhances PC performance which is far superior than any other such similar tools available on the web. It is a portable software which can be copied and carried on an USB drive. eBoostr 4 is available from April 19th, 2010 in 11 languages.

    Generally a computer stores data in sequence on its hard drive so this process can create delays in loading programs. eBoostr will ensure your computer is running better than ever before it eliminates excessive loading times. It enables users to maximize performance immediately through optimizing the PC’s RAM and extending this capability by simultaneously smart caching up to 4 USB Flash (including USB 3.0) and the latest SSDi drives. eBoostr will create an intelligent buffer on solid state memory it avoids search through data eboostr and your computer can access easily and quickly. This buffer is created utilizing resources from the computer’s processor, RAM and USB 2.0 memory in tandem.
    eBoostr 4 Free Download to accelerate your OS by CoGen Media, in co-operation with MDO
    eBoostr will keep track of most frequently used programs and store relevant data on this buffer and all of the information located in eBoostr’s memory buffer is readily accessible. You don’t need to search large sections

    eBoostr Version 4 Features:

    • Business applications are more memory intense and this leads to PC performance being dramatically reduced. Businesses demand high work rates and don’t want employees sat idle as they wait for applications to load.
    • eBoostr 4 creates a memory cache to process data from multiple USB and RAM locations simultaneously and quickly. The result is a noticeable boost of your PC’s performance said by Jack Momose, President CoGen Media.
    • eBoostr will learn what programs are used most frequently and store them on multiple devices, based on your usage behaviour. Rather than having to look through most of your hard drive, your computer will simply access the cache created by eBoostr and load the data from there. Distinctly different, all of the information located in eBoostr’s memory cache is readily accessible.”
    • eBooster 4 will also lets you detect and utilize hidden system memory, not visible to you when running 32-bit OS. Having additional system memory helps increase the maximum performance of your PC.
    • eBooster 4 is small and powerful. The installer is a mere 3.4MB in size. It is designed and developed with maximum efficiency to install quickly and easily. To increase your system’s performance with eBoostr 4, simply add more USB Flash or SSD devices.
    • The new option to encrypt cache contents on removable drives (like USB flash stick or memory card) helps protect personal data in case of lost or or stolen flash drive.
    • USB drives are abundant and low cost. Together with eBoostr, they are the fastest and most cost effective way of upgrading your PC performance. When used in combination with multiple USB drives and system RAM memory, eBoostr can help even old PC’s to be as fast as the latest models.

    eBoostr 4 fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

    Download eBoostr 4 for FREE

    Download eBoostr 4

    For more information on eBoostr 4, click here

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    1. Nihar
      Could you pleaese let me know how u judged that eBoostr is better than other speed up PC tools

      U said that it would be available from April 19, 2010. Was it the first version of eBoostr?

      And Please if u could let us know if u personally tested it if it really works.


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