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    Upgrade Your Mobile Phone with Language translator Feature

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    Through language translator applications on mobile phones, people of different countries can understand speech conversations in different language quite easily. Companies like Novauris, Fluential are running some major projects on this issue and are expected to invent solutions for this very soon.
    Upgrade Your Mobile Phone with Language translator Feature
    To avail this new feature or service you must possess a smart phone designed with certain features and loaded with the particular operating system required to use the handset as a perfect language translator. But before upgrading to an advanced smartphone with language translation feature, you must realise the importance of selling mobile phones stocked at your house and premises. Otherwise they will create lots of pollution in the environment. A number of campaigning programmes on mobile phone recycling are now being organised by different mobile phone companies suggesting its customers to sell mobile phones to a good recycling company or donate it for charity. By selling mobile phones to recycling company we save the environment from toxins and at the same time we can earn some good cash. We can even sell mobile phones online to those companies.

    Now, the main benefit of using mobile phone with language translator application lies in the fact that you need not approach a language translator; neither language would be a barrier to communicate with people of different countries. The only requirement is a voice input at the input stage and the translated version can be heard by the listener at the output stage.

    The two companies engaged in developing mobile applications for language translations work independently. Novauris has been developing translation application on mobile translating commonly used phrases into another language. Fluential, on the other hand employed real time interpretation through a server-based system in a hospital which has been a fair success. Still, none of these companies has entered the commercial markets.

    Loopholes in Developing Mobile Language Application:

    According to the language experts, there are certain difficulties in making perfect translations. Because of the complexities of grammar and culture and traits of people living in one country, it is often difficult to realise the actual meaning, thus producing wrong interpretation to listener. However, a perfect mobile translator is likely to be developed soon, bonding people across the boundaries.

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