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    Google introduces Check in with Google Latitude

    Google introduced Google Latitude in 2009. It is a service which helps you stay in touch with your friends and family by making it easy to share where you are.

    Google have introduced Check In with Google Latitude with which one can connect to the location to a real place by checking in using Google Latitude.
    Google introduces Check in with Google Latitude
    According to Google Official Blog:

    Not your typical check-ins
    Because you can use Latitude to automatically detect your location, we’ve added a few twists to checking in to make it really easy:
    Notifications: Turn on check-in notifications in Latitude’s settings and get a notification to check in at a nearby place once you arrive. Never forget to check in again.
    Automatic check-ins: Choose to automatically check in at specific places you designate, and you’ll be checked in when you’re there. You can talk to friends or finish your bagel without fumbling with your phone.
    Check out: Once you leave, Latitude knows to automatically check you out of places so friends aren’t left guessing if you’re still there.

    Explore your world one check-in at a time
    Latitude is built right into Google Maps for Android so check-ins work across Latitude and Maps seamlessly. For example, check in at that new hamburger joint, and you’ll see its Place page with reviews to help you order. When friends check in at a place, you can go straight from their Latitude profile to its Place page to learn about it, fire up Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for turn-by-turn directions to them, and more.

    You can also check in at a favorite place to earn special status there; you’ll see if you’ve become a “Regular,” a “VIP” or a “Guru” on its Place page. Keep checking in to hold onto your status or reach the next level.

    Download Google Map for Android and iPhone
    You can start using the Check in with Google Latitude by downloading the Google Maps from Android Market or Latitude app for Apple iPhone

    Download Google Map for Android

    Download Google Map for Android

    Download Google Map for iPhone

    Download Google Map for iPhone

    via Google Mobile Blog

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