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    Indian Students in US Radio Tagged Tri Valley University

    There has been a furore in Indian community, Indian media and also from the politicians and bureaucrats of Indian government about Indian students of the banned Tri Valley university based of San Francisco in USA being radio tagged by the US immigration officials to track their movement.

    Indian Students in US Radio Tagged Tri Valley University

    Indian Students Radio Tagged in the US
    A new report suggests that with the growing concern expressed by Indian authorities about students being made to wear Radio Tags, two of the Tri Valley University students have been detained in US center and will be released and deported after furnishing of an amount anywhere between $ 8 to 20 thousand dollars.
    Tri Valley Univiersity
    The US replied in response to Indian diplomats concerns stating that radio tags are an alternative to formal detention because they allow the tracking of people that are part of an investigation and are in no way intended to put students through humiliation.

    The Tri Valley University banning is part of a massive crackdown by the US Government against visa fraud. Most students Californian Tri valley college are Indian students from the state of Andhra Pradesh. The college is banned and shut down on the charge that it was collecting funds from students to help them illegally migrate to us and work in the country.

    In connection to this, a US diplomat from the Hyderabad US consulate office, Miss Juliet Wurr was forced to apologize for her insensitive remarks on radio tags.

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    1. Apologize alone can’t solve any problems but a serious action is the only way. Hope all the Indian Students will be free from Radio Tags.. US should take action immediately.

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