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    Internet Addresses (IP) will run out soon – IPv6 will take over Now!

    We all know about IPv6 protocol will be in use as soon as the current protocol, IPv4 will run out of the IP’s. Yes, there around 4 billion unique addresses that can be used using IPv4 protocol.

    Recently Google announced about this on Official Google Blog.
    Internet Addresses (IP) will run out soon - IPv6 will take over Now!

    This morning the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced (PDF) that it has distributed the last batch of its remaining IPv4 addresses to the world’s five Regional Internet Registries, the organizations that manage IP addresses in different regions. These Registries will begin assigning the final IPv4 addresses within their regions until they run out completely, which could come as soon as early 2012.

    Since, the last blog of IPv4 were giving out. Soon, we will be running out of IP Addresses. This leads us to the adoption of a new protocol—IPv6.

    IPv6 will expand Internet address space to 128 bits, making room for approximately 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses

    Google has also been working with other parties over the years to implement the IPv6 format. They would be participating in the World IPv6 Day, scheduled for June 8, 2011.

    Hope the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is smooth

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