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    UDRS (Umpire Decision Review System) in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

    UDRS (Umpire Decision Review System), the controversial Review System will be used in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 which is going to be held in subcontinent from February 19th, 2011.

    India famously haven’t used the UDRS in the Test Matches since the launch where they got the bitter taste in Sri Lanka. From then on, some Indian players and BCCI has always said no to UDRS.

    It would be interesting to see how Indians will shape up in using UDRS in the ODI matches in the World Cup. Most of the reviews by Indians didn’t go well when they used it in Sri Lanka whereas Sri Lankans got lot of them right.
    UDRS (Umpire Decision Review System) in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
    Umpire decision review system will be used from second stage of ICC world cup 2011 meaning it won’ be used in the preliminary round but used in Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final. ESPNStar, the Official broadcaster will bear the cost of the equipment used in the UDRS.

    The latest news is that Hot Spot won’t be used in the World Cup and the reason for not featurnig is that it is a Defence equipment and license for use was not granted by Australian Military force.

    What requirements will make the UDRS in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?

    1. a ball-tracker (in this case Hawk-Eye)
    2. a super slow-mo camera
    3. a ‘clear’ stump microphone

    How many UDRS challenges per innings in Cricket World Cup 2011

    Each team would get two challengers per innings.

    I hope India make proper use of UDRS (provided they reach the Quarter Finals). I am not confident since, Indians didn’t use it till now. Just like bowling, fielding and batting, i think using UDRS also needs practice 🙂

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