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    6 Easy Tips on Reviving your Dead Blog

    This is a guest post by Warner Carter. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    For reasons like busy schedules, Full Time job pressure and changes of commitment, people sometimes have to set aside blogging for a while. However, as they miss the craft, taking the first step in reviving their long-dead blogs seems to be daunting.

    6 Easy Tips on Reviving your Dead Blog

    Following are the 6 Steps for Reviving your Dead Blog

    1. Start blogging again:

    This sounds basic, but this is actually the first move a blogger should do in reviving a dead blog. Write anew. Though starting something is always the hardest part, you can’t skip this step. To prepare yourself on drafting your comeback post, visit your old posts and review them. After some serious trackbacks, rekindle your blog with a refreshing, surprising start.

    2. Comment on your fellow bloggers’ blogs:

    After writing something worth reading, revisit your fellow bloggers’ space. Read and comment on their posts. Let them feel your presence, and show them your excitement in beginning to blog again.

    3. Revive your old blog posts:

    You can do this by putting new twists on your old entries. Update your blog’s old posts because time has passed and some details and opinions stated in the entries might have changed since then.

    4. Redesign your blog: Change your blog’s look. Update your About Page and write something about your ‘comeback’. Tell your readers what you did during the months or years you were on a blogging break. Enable the commenting feature on blog entries, so you can talk to readers about your ‘comeback’ and reveal upcoming plans on your renewed blogging.

    5. Email friends:If you still have your friends and fellow bloggers’ email addresses, inform them through email that you’re back in the blogging business. Just make the message personal and casual. Make it interesting, as if you are contacting a long-lost friend who you are excited to meet again.

    6. Use social media: You know how social media offers new opportunities to trigger brand enthusiasm, so use this to attract attention. You need to regain the brand you once had. When promoting on Facebook, include a defining photo as a thumbnail, so your friends can have a sneak peek of your new blog.

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    1. I jsut want to point out here that your readers might not get confused with the point 4. Redesign your blog:

      Redesign doesn’t mean that u change your blogs theme. It means to update aboutUs that I have come again etc.


    2. GIochi Winx says:

      you cant see many posts like this out there, this helps a lot people who suffered failure of their blog =/

      I used to have same problems but somehow I made it to the top and now I wish I had this guide back then. thanks.

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