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    Apple iPad 2 might use Samsung Super PLS display

    Super PLS (Plain-to=line-switching) display might be used in Apple iPad 2. There are rumors that Apple might switch from Apple’s IPS and switch to Super PLS from Samsung. This might be mainly due to the latest technology.

    Super PLS technology offers greater viewing angles and it is 10% brighter. To top it up, this new technology is 15% cheaper to manufacture.
    Samsung Super PLS Displays
    A new report claimed that Apple’s upcoming iPad 2 could trade its “In-Plane Switching” (IPS) display for a new “Super Plane to Line Switching” (PLS) display for improved viewing angles.

    The iPad 2 is expected to launched during this year and it is busy in making its way to come out with more buzzing news every second, but still there is no official announcement made from Apple’s side.

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