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    5 great ways you can use your affiliate links?

    This is a guest post by saksham. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    There are a lot of methods to make money online nowadays, especially with the advent of social media, social networks, mobile ads and apps, and other “new age” stuff, but there are a couple of ways to make money online that have survived thorough the last decade and are still going strong.

    Affiliate links is one such method. Affiliate links are practically the bread and butter of today’s marketers, and it’s always the links that bring in the money and the stats. That simply ought to be so, seeing as the whole Internet is built on links and sites linking to each other.

    5 great ways you can use your affiliate links?

    So, if you’re an Internet Marketer and are just starting out online or want to expand your ways of making money, affiliate links are one of the best ways to go. When you place an affiliate link on a site, you basically place a unique tracking code, and when someone clicks it and buys a product or registers on the end site, you receive a commission. You get the money, the advertiser gets a user, the affiliate network gets a cut of the profit – everyone’s happy.

    The main problem of ever affiliate marketer out there is finding new places to use their affiliate links. The more links you have on popular places, the more clicks and conversions you will get – it’s that simple.

    5 great places where you can use your affiliate links to maximize your profits

    1. On your blog. This is the simplest and by far the most popular way to start making money with affiliate links. You should always start by creating a good blog and posting quality content on a regular basis, then inserting affiliate links and banners once it starts getting traffic. A blog is the primary source of income for many people, and you should definitely at least try to create and monetize one.

    2. In your newsletters. An email list is a very desirable thing to have on your blog, and if you created one and started getting subscribers, you should definitely monetize it using affiliate links. However, it might be best not to insert the links themselves there, but create a special landing page on your site where people will go when clicking the link inside the email, and insert the affiliate links themselves on that page. The reason is that many email services will mark emails with specific links inside as spam.

    3. In your ebook. This one’s a bit unique: not many people who write and sell an ebook dare to also insert affiliate links in them. But I think there is no shame in that, as long as your recommendations are motivated by the fact that the services and products are really good, not that they pay you the most commissions. If you’re just giving away a report in exchange for sign ups, well then you simply ought to insert affiliate links in it – it will definitely maximize your income, and not hurt subscriptions and conversions.

    4. In Twitter tweets. If you’re using Twitter and have at least a few thousand followers (there are a lot of easy ways to get 10,000 and more followers, search for them online), you should definitely send out a few tweets with affiliate links in them (shortened by Bit.ly or another similar service). It’s like sending out emails, only even more people see them if you get retweets. You should do it before Twitter forbids it!

    5. In your forum posts and signatures. Forum posts and signatures have always been a good place to insert affiliate links, and they’re still an excellent way to make money. You should take advantage of this and insert affiliate links to useful services on all your forum accounts. If direct affiliate links are forbidden, then simply go with the landing page method explained above.

    If you combine the above methods, you can easily increase your potential profits by a lot, and you should definitely look for other ways to do it. In the ever changing online world, you should never stop experimenting, so go and start working right away!

    Saksham works for GO-Globe.com, a Guangzhou web design Company that provides web design solutions in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing

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    1. steven papas says:

      thanks Saksham. I am in the affiliate marketing and one of the promotional ways is to use keywords in my guest posts as backlinks that link directly to an affiliate product in my blog. This way not only do I get traffic for these buing keywords but Google ranks me higher for them. I am trying to get used to twitter now 🙂

    2. great post saksham, I needed a bit of affiliate marketing tips. And with the current tools, it’s definitely possible to make money online.

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